Nikon Club Philippines: Binondo Photowalk

•February 1, 2014 • 2 Comments

I’ve been shooting for almost 7 years but I got to admit that this will be my first time shooting the Chinese New Year in Binondo.

Good thing a good friend of mine invited me to join Nikon Club Philippines photowalk at the same event. It would be a perfect opportunity as well to mingle and ask the pros some tips on shooting this kind of event.

Here’s the group stationed early in Sta. cruz church.

Nikon Photo Club Group Shot

After a quick introduction and instructions, we were all set!

Some of my shots.

(c) 2014 | Maxi Adrian Photography

More of these are being sold in the streets.

(c) 2014 | Maxi Adrian Photography

If you buy an amulet, the seller blesses it for “good luck”

(c)2014 | Maxi Adrian Photography

Lucky charms are in demand this season.

Aside from taking photos, another main attraction in Binondo are the old chinese restaurants. In fact, I might have enjoyed eating rather than shooting. (ooops!)

You can view my shots in my facebook account provided below.

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All His!

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Took me almost 3 years before having new post.
It suddenly dawned on me that I have an existing blog in which I used to share my experiences and photography adventures.
During those years, I have learned much in life and realized that everything that we had and all the beauty of our surroundings came from HIM(God). Its all HIS! (Romans 11:36)Now, my blog theme “Capturing beauty and Capturing life” has found its true purpose and meaning. It is to share the glory and grace of God thru my photo shots.

Be blessed and enjoy!

Holy Week Shoot

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Good Thursday.

I was scheduled to have a shoot with one of the Ms. Earth 2011 contestant Crista Juanico at the EcoPark Quezon City.

Though we were temporarily halted by the guards from the park due to their definition of “non-wholesome” image of the shoot, we still managed to finish the entire set.

Today’s theme for Ms. Earth is “FOREST”. You might already have an idea on what to expect for this set. Unfortunately, photos will only be posted after the pageant.

Thank you Eman and Jayson for the opportunity.

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Aliwan Festival 2011 updates

•April 22, 2011 • 4 Comments

I’m back! and with a vengeance! haha! nah, It’s nice to start my 2011 updates with a blast. Although i’ve had tons of shoots this year, i’ll be kickin’ of my journal with an update from the recently held Aliwan Festival 2011 which was held last April 14-16. April 16 being the final competition and streedance.

There are lots of good things happened during and after the festival.

1st: It was a sunny day! Previously held competitions were ruined because of the not-so-cooperative weather.
2nd: I came earlier than expected. Hence, more shots!
3rd: I was able to position myself on the photographer’s area to get a good view of the stage. (thanks to my standing stool)
4th: I was excited to see the winners of the Dinagyang Festival 2011 Tribu Pan-ay.
5th: They actually won and crowned as the Grand Champion! wohoo!
6th: Had a sumptuous dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak in Harbour Square
7th: I was able to upload my photos in FB and Flickr in just a span of two days. Now that’s a record.

Nuff said, below are the results from the festival (courtesy of:


Best in Festival Costume – Iloilo Dinagyang Festival

**2nd Runners up
– Santiago Isabela
– Bulacan
– Zarraga Iloilo

***1st runner up – Baguio

****Reyna ng Aliwan- Cebu


*Runners up
– Pantat Festival Zarraga Iloilo
– Catanauan Quezon
– Sinulog Festival Cebu
– Kudungan Sultan Kudarat
– Calacatchara Festival, Calaca Batangas
– Sarimanok Maguindanao
– Panagbenga, Baguio City

**2nd runner up Singkaban of Bulacan
***1st runner up Kumpit sa Kutawato – Cotabato City

****Best in Float Biday a Pinangasturian (Buluan Maguindanao)


*Runners up
– Boling boling Festival, Catanauan Quezon
– Kalimudan Festival of Esperanza Sultan Kudarat
– Zamboanga Hermosa Festival, Zamboanga City
– Panagbenga Festival, Baguio City
– Pakalog Festival Pasig City

*5th Pandang Guitab, Calapan Oriental Mindoro
*4th Calacatchara Festival Calaca Batangas
**3rd Lembuhong Festival of Surallah South Cotabato
***2nd Pantat Festival, Zarraga Iloilo

****CHAMPION Dinagyang Festival Iloilo City

View the Champion’s performance here:

Of course my post will not be complete without some photos from the festival.

View my full album here:

I’m rendering photo services for (general events, fashion, glamour, portrait)

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Life as we know it…

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Well, it’s been a while since my last blog. A lot happened since then. A lot has changed. I can’t even remember some of them. But most will always have a place in my heart and mind.

Let’s start with photography since this is whay my blog is all about…. Capturing beauty… Capturing life..

I’m working on putting up a business of my own. Let’s just say that I am planning to level up on the field in which i’ve been doing a freelance job for almost 4 years and counting. Yes. I’m putting up a name on my photography. I’ve consulted the president of my photography group “EON PHOTOGRAPHY”. He said it’s ok for me to use the name as it would be a good exposure to the group. We can use the name (of course in a good way) since this is not copyrighted or something that would prove offensive to the other members.


Now there goes advertising my works, fishing clients etc. I’ve been doing this for two months already and I’m pretty positive that everything would be fine as long as I give some time into it. Hope this would be a start of a “New Beginning”.

If you’ve been following my gallery, you would notice that it’s not being updated for some time… yeah, been really busy to work on my past pictures.

I’ve been to Bohol for pleasure, Bacolod for pleasure again and Bangkok for work… and by next year Iloilo for more pleasure 🙂 (nah, i’ll be visiting relatives then shoot Dinagyang festival. didn’t I say pleasure again?)

I still have some shots from fashion shows, model shoots, events, travels that I haven’t posted yet for the past 1 and 1/2 years and I hope I can find time to do that. (Oh yeah! That’s thousand of files to work on!)

I’m already 25. And I can say that I am enjoying life. But life as we know it… a continuous journey, would have a lot of pit stops and gas stations. But as long as you haven’t reach your destination, you still continue to ride along with it……

Well, it’s getting serious around here. Till next blog 🙂

My Vote is for Richard Gordon

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Dick Gordon 2010

Few months before the election, My mind is set to only one presidentiable candidate Sen. Benigno Aquino III. But not until the last few weeks of reading newspapers, articles, watching debates and checking out each candidate’s platforms, I have rooted for Sen. Richard Gordon.
Why? Just simple. He is the only presidentiable candidate that outperforms everyone in regards to political achievement. A person with a political will. Straight, honest, talks a lot but with sense.
In this coming election, I would like you to think. Would you rather vote a person just because he is popular and is number 1 in the ratings? or vote the right person that you know is highly qualified and has already proven himself over and over again?
Think. Feel your conscience. Be a wise voter. Not a practical voter.

XTREME Magic Sing 8.0 (for sale at a bargain price!!)

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LG HT554TM Home Entertainment System FOR SALE (BRAND NEW)

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1st Model & Fashion Congress pre-launch party

•September 22, 2009 • 1 Comment

I was invited to a pre-launch party for the 1st Model & Fashion Congress event that will be held in one of the malls in Alabang.

At first I thought it was just a gathering of photographers, models, MUA, designers and everyone from the same industry but little do I know that the registration that I signed up is for a photo contest. I’m not so sure about the price though. From what I understand, the winners (10 winners) will be privileged to have their own photo booth during the main event. Aspiring applicants will drop by to have their pictures taken on one of the photo booths.

The contest is all about shooting models. We will be paired with a model guest and will have a photo session. For the arrangement of participants, I am number 16th. Good, lot’s of time for me to think of a good lighting setup. I saw that there where two lights and I saw someone using triggers.

I am paired with a model. We talked about her poses and what would my setup be… Then, our turn came. I went inside the room and was greeted by few people who turn out to be our judges. I did test the strobes to check if they are working. I was surprised when one of the judges said that I will not be using strobes and will work on available equipment that I have. Dang, I did not brought my softbox with me. All I have is my trusty sb800 and my camera. One thing that stunned me for a second is that I only have 5 minutes to work with the model.

Okay…. fine… I did what I have to do. I setup my camera to manual mode and set my shutter speed and aperture. Made sure that I had enough ISO since the room is dimly lit. Setup my flash in TTL mode and adjust some settings. Then I shoot with the model until the timer runs out. Thanked the judges afterwards and check on my shots. It was nothing that I have envisioned a few hours before the shoot but I’m glad that I finally get correct exposures (at least!)

Then came the announcement for the 10 winners. My name was called and I am not expecting that. I wondered what are their criteria for judging? Anyways, I felt happy and proud that I won along with the other photographers. I met skilled photographers and we were able to exhange ideas and opinion about what we do best.

Overall, I did enjoyed the event. I’m looking forward on the actual event next week 🙂

My shot with ‘Kia’ posted below


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Cosplay Mania 2009

•September 16, 2009 • 3 Comments

Haven’t been on this kind of event for a while and renewing my interest turns out to be a rewarding experience.

This time, the organizers covered 2 Megatrade Halls unlike before which they only had 1. But even though 2 halls are unfolded, still, lots and lots of cosplayers from different parts of the metro have gathered to be part of the event. Not just the cosplayers but the anime fanatics as well.

To make the event more interesting, the organizers have come up with an idea to use your entrance ticket as a raffle entry. But it’s not just that. To gain raffle entry, you need to visit booths, participate on online games and many more. I find the “Costrip Fighter: Extreme Battle” a good source of merriment.

And of course, a cosplay event is not complete with cosplayers who took their time and effort in creating costumes and portraying our favorite anime characters. Congratulations!

Well, nuff said. Here are some of the pics. Enjoy! 🙂


^cloud! idol!

^maaaask rideeeeer change!

^i need starcraft 2. now!

^one of the best cosplay that i’ve seen this year. Edea of Final Fantasy VIII

Of course a souvenir shot won’t hurt. 🙂

^me & mai

^me & aya

More photos are posted in my Multiply gallery. 🙂


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Sassa Jimenez Collection at Fashion Week Holiday 09

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I can still remember Sassa Jimenez Show during Fashion week last May of 2009. Perhaps this is the best show that I saw during the entire week. I based that on the days that I have attended (Day 1, 2 4 and 6), The collections are well applauded and cheered. Even I can’t help myself to be amazed from the audience response. The collections seems to have a touch of the 40’s combined with modern day outfit fit for a modern woman.

Check out some of the photos.

To my surprise, Sassa was just in her early twenties (like me! hehe) and she is already producing world class outfits! I’m proud on my kababayan.

For more pictures from the Sassa Jimenez Collection of Fashion Week Holiday 2009, kindly visit my gallery at


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Paalam Tita Cory…

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I received a text message from a friend asking if I could cover Tita Cory’s last wake in Manila Cathedral. I immediately replied and said, “Sure!”. It has a TF by the way but I didn’t think about it that much. I am honored to be part of the team that will cover the entire event.

Call time was 9pm. I left home around 8. I arrived 15 minutes earlier. I can already see lot’s of people flocking on the streets. Lining up. Patiently waiting for their turn to catch a glimpse of Tita Cory.

Since I know the place, I was able to find a parking space. Then I’m off with my gear. It was pretty far from the church so I had to bring all my stuff. (which is pretty heavy). I decided to have dinner first before proceeding at the cathedral. Besides, my contact who have my pass has not arrived on the venue yet.

After dinner on one of the carinderias. I walks a few kms then stopped at the perimeter where lots of policemen are stationed. Still, my contact has not yet arrived so I take a few shots around the area.

Suddenly, it rained. It poured hard and almost (well not almost) washed my gear. I was fortunate enough to bring my umbrella and my bag having some kind of a rain protection.

Around 10:30. I was notified that my contact has arrived and asked me to meet at the left side of the church. I stormed the rain and hurriedly went to the meeting place only to find out that lots of people are blocking the gates and it seems that they are protesting to get in. With all the ruckus and chaos, I was able to get in as my contact handed out the media pass. whoo! thank God I’m in.

I was introduced to the team and was briefed on what to do and what not to do. Inside the church there is a perimeter in which we are not allowed to cross. We are not allowed to use flash and as much as possible we should be invinsible. In other words our shooting style should be in “Paparazzi mode” (good thing I have brought my zoom lens).

After briefing, I went inside to scout the area. Checked in possible places to where to shoot. And look for celebrities that we need to shoot. Then, I started to take few shots. Honestly, I don’t know the names of some who I am shooting at. They may be political figures, may be artist but what’s important is to have their shots taken.

It went for at least five hours. I recognized lots of political figures and famous artists like Dindong Dantes and Marian Rivera. Gov. Vilma Santos was there along with her husband and son. I remember seeing Aiai delas Alas, Boy Abunda, Sitti, Angelica Jones. ABS-CBN news anchors like Karen Davila, Bernadette Sembrano, Gretchen Fulido and many more. Of course, the immediate family members were present as well.

Around 3:00, We overheard from a media relations person that the president will arrive at the cathedral around 4. They will be securing the perimeter and will stop the public viewing temporarily. News stations are already stationed and they have assigned photographers to take still shots.

I was informed that I can go home I wanted to but I insisted that I will stay to see the president and is possible take a still shot of her.

She came around 4 and stayed for at least 10 minutes on the venue. I wasn’t able to take shots since she was covered by media men and with all those cameras. Security guards were around her and there’s no chance that I could take a good shot. I tried though but failed.

After the president’s visit, I’ve decided to go home. It was still raining but I am already tired and I feel sleepy. But come to think of it. It was nothing compared to all those people who stayed in line ignoring the heat and heavy rain. I’ve seen people in different walks of life. I’ve seen managers, beggars, pregnant woman, employees, children, disabled. All of them showed and paid their final respects to the woman who has and will always be, the Mother of Philippine Republic.

Paalam Tita Cory… you will always be in our hearts.

Updates! Updates!

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Well, it’s been a while since my last post. Again, I wasn’t able to fulfill my promise to update my wordpress as often as possible.

So here’s the latest happenings. I resigned from my current job and now looking for a ‘new’ one. For now, I’m rendering photo services full time (woot!) for events, occasions, model shoot etc.

If you wish to hire me as your photographer, you can contact me on the following below:

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A failed coverage at Aliwan Festival ’09

•April 27, 2009 • 2 Comments

I can say that my coverage for today’s festival is unsuccessful.

I came off from work at around 3pm and arrived 5 mins before 4 at Aliw Theater (where the judging was held). Since I’m already a bit late (the show starts at 4), I ended up finding a suitable area for me to shoot. The press area at the front of the stage was covered with photographers (who obviously came earlier). I walked a few kms to reach the front of CCP theater in which I was informed that the dancers will pass through.

After a few hours of waiting, the program started and the dancers (after their performance at stage) graced in the streets. I was surprised that the once empty street immediately turned lively. Lively in the sense that almost all people with cameras started blocking the dancers way. We are being advised to clear out the way but still, others are still persistent (I overheard na merong nagagalit pa). It was fun to watch, yeah, but it is ruining the spirit of the festival. Since I’ve realized that I will not be able to take some pics on my position, I hurriedly look for an opening where I could take a few good shots on the performers (good thing I had a few).

It’s just a sad sight to see as I remember the days when photographers are more “disciplined”.

Well, that is one of my comments. The other one is about the festival. I think they started too late. (Starting at 5pm with almost 20 contingents?). I’ve been to several festivals and based from my experience, they usually start early in the morning.

How can we take good photographs at night? (this is just from a photographers point of view). I understand that they might be doing this because shooting at daylight with the sun right above your head could easily drain the performers energy. But would it be hard to cover the event (video or photo) if it was held this way? I would rather watch than shoot.

Around 6:30, as darkness covers the city. I don’t feel like shooting anymore. Besides, I can sense that there will be a rainfall. (It did rain. Good thing I was already in my car.)

I ended up having less than a hundred shots. I hope next year, there will be few changes.

BTW, congratulations to “Buyogan Festival of Abuyog, Leyte” for bagging the crown. As for the Ilonggos, don’t worry guys we have the 2nd and 3rd seat 🙂

Below are the list of the winner for this year’s event:

[Festival Dance Competition]

Champion: Buyogan Festival of Abuyog, Leyte
2nd Place: Tribu Kasag from Banate, Iloilo (Kasadyahan Festival)
3rd Place: Tribu Paghidaet of La Paz National HIgh School, iloilo (Dinagyang Festival)

Runner Up Honors:
Siloy sa Alcoy
Lapay Bantigue

[Float Design Competition]

Champion: “Abel Iloko” of Laoag City
2nd Place: “Lemba” of Cotabato
3rd Place: Tribu Paghidaet of Dinagyang

Runner up Honors:
Kaguinakit Ta :aya

[Festival Queen]

Champion: Sian Elizabeth Maynard (Sinulog, Cebu City)
2nd Place: Romarie Ivy Cunanan (General Santos City)

Runner-up Honors:
Aliah Heitz (Kadayawan, Davao City)
Parul Framil Shah (Panagbenga, Baguio City)
Kate Lao (Pamulinawen, Laoag City)

Congratulations to all winners.


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Breakfast has never been so good…. at BAG OF BEANS

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I remember last year when me and my girl went to Tagaytay to spend the weekend. We woke up next day morning not knowing what to do and where to eat. We get into the car and drive away when I suddenly remembered a place where we could get good breakfast (that is according to what I’ve read on the web). ‘Bag of Beans‘, that’s what they say. I drove a few miles and I can’t see any BOB shop. Funny thing is, when I asked one of the locals, they told me that I was way too far already from the shop (boy, this shop has given me a hard time). Finally, we saw the shop at the left side of the road and we hesitantly went inside. I thought it was just a regular bakery shop (where’s the dining place? can’t see any table nor chairs?)

The place outside looks something like this:

I was surprised when I asked the clerk on where we can find their dine-in and she told me that it was just beneath the place and the entrance was just on the side of the shop.

So we hurriedly went outside and check the entrance and found a long pathway down to their dine-in. I felt the country ambiance after I have entered the place. Along the path are different types of plantae, mid-size statues and a myna(or parrot?) talking and welcoming visitors.

We found a spot were we could sit comfortably. The waitress gave the menu and I chose to have a country style breakfast (choco chip pancakes yum yum!). My girlfriend choose a filipino style dish (chicken and pork adobo). We also tried their hot chocolate and I could say that it’s the 2nd time that I’ve got to taste a good one (one was a dine in Camp John Hay, Baguio)

Here are some pics for your craving. 🙂

Check more of their menu at

Don’t forget to visit my official gallery at my Multiply.


Different faces of Katz Saga

•April 14, 2009 • 2 Comments

I had an opportunity to have a shoot with this lovely lady. Got a call from a good photographer friend to have a shoot at ‘The Regency’ in Makati.

Along with the shoot is stylist ‘Carol Guillen’ and make-up artist ‘Leah Asino’. (Such talented artists!)

Below is the output from the shoot. You would realize what I meant by different faces of Katz Saga.

Know more about Katz Saga. Visit her page @

More pics of her in my Multiply Gallery.


Quickie shoot at MIAS ’09

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In lieu of the event Manila International Auto Show, I came across a mutual friend who is stationed at Yokohama booth. We both chat for a while and she said ‘let’s shoot’.

Me, as a photographer, would not refuse that offer. Then we had our shoot at one of the cars stationed there. Other photographers had their share of shoot with her and that’s ok. As long as I got the shots I need I would not be bothered about it.

It’s good that everything went well during that shoot. Kudos to our great model, Kaiyir. 😀

More photos of Kaiyir and the model of the event at Multiply gallery.


A fresh start

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Hey guys, It’s been a while seen I lasted posted on my blog. (My last post was dated January 15, 2009. I don’t know what hinders me to share my photo adventures. (work? or I’m just plain lazy.)

I know there are still lots of photo adventure stories to share from last year up to this month, but I guess I’ll be starting all over again from this day onwards (what? not again.) Okay… i’ll share some post from my last shoot (feeling better now?)

You can track my shoots in my multiply page @ for my official gallery and for my everyday snapshots.

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Playboy playmate made my day..

•January 15, 2009 • 1 Comment

It was the 3rd anniversary of Pinoy Photography forum which was held in Tiendesitas last June 28, 2008. It was a blast since the org was able to get some sponsors from different products that are related to photography. One thing that really caught my attention is the Playboy booth. There is a freebie mag which can also be signed by playmate billie. Woohoo! That made my day! Everyting seems to be fun after that. Shooting with the models, dinner, raffle prizes and getting-to-know-each-other with the photogs. It’s also fun seeing old friends that share the same passion in photography.

Oh.. she’s smiling. What did I said to her?

It isn’t complete without a souvenir shot. Thanks Vane.

For more pictures from PiPHO’s 3rd Anniversary shootout, feel free to visit my Multiply gallery.

Sykes Summer Outing 2008

•January 13, 2009 • 1 Comment

It’s my 3rd year in Sykes and this would be the 3rd time for me to join the annual outing. Just like last year, It was held in Subic Bay (again?!) Hmmm… nothing new since we stayed in the same hotel and almost the same room that we had before. The party was in Marina Bay. Somehow I enjoyed it. If it didn’t rain that time I would surely enjoy it.

They had a competition. Sykes Beach Body. In which we are required to shoot. It was pretty tough that night as we tried to take a couple of shots while shielding our camera from rainshowers. I was relieved when I checked out that I have some few good shots.

After the program was the performance of Brownman Revival. Reggae party all night long! But the night was still early when I decided to go back at the hotel and rest.

Hopefully next summer outing we would be in a different place. Somewhat different than the past 2 years.

Sykes Beach Body 2008 Competition Winners

(June 21-22, 2008)

For more shots from the event, feel free to visit my multiply site.