Nikon Club Philippines: Binondo Photowalk

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I’ve been shooting for almost 7 years but I got to admit that this will be my first time shooting the Chinese New Year in Binondo.

Good thing a good friend of mine invited me to join Nikon Club Philippines photowalk at the same event. It would be a perfect opportunity as well to mingle and ask the pros some tips on shooting this kind of event.

Here’s the group stationed early in Sta. cruz church.

Nikon Photo Club Group Shot

After a quick introduction and instructions, we were all set!

Some of my shots.

(c) 2014 | Maxi Adrian Photography

More of these are being sold in the streets.

(c) 2014 | Maxi Adrian Photography

If you buy an amulet, the seller blesses it for “good luck”

(c)2014 | Maxi Adrian Photography

Lucky charms are in demand this season.

Aside from taking photos, another main attraction in Binondo are the old chinese restaurants. In fact, I might have enjoyed eating rather than shooting. (ooops!)

You can view my shots in my facebook account provided below.

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All His!

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Took me almost 3 years before having new post.
It suddenly dawned on me that I have an existing blog in which I used to share my experiences and photography adventures.
During those years, I have learned much in life and realized that everything that we had and all the beauty of our surroundings came from HIM(God). Its all HIS! (Romans 11:36)Now, my blog theme “Capturing beauty and Capturing life” has found its true purpose and meaning. It is to share the glory and grace of God thru my photo shots.

Be blessed and enjoy!

Holy Week Shoot

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Good Thursday.

I was scheduled to have a shoot with one of the Ms. Earth 2011 contestant Crista Juanico at the EcoPark Quezon City.

Though we were temporarily halted by the guards from the park due to their definition of “non-wholesome” image of the shoot, we still managed to finish the entire set.

Today’s theme for Ms. Earth is “FOREST”. You might already have an idea on what to expect for this set. Unfortunately, photos will only be posted after the pageant.

Thank you Eman and Jayson for the opportunity.

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Aliwan Festival 2011 updates

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I’m back! and with a vengeance! haha! nah, It’s nice to start my 2011 updates with a blast. Although i’ve had tons of shoots this year, i’ll be kickin’ of my journal with an update from the recently held Aliwan Festival 2011 which was held last April 14-16. April 16 being the final competition and streedance.

There are lots of good things happened during and after the festival.

1st: It was a sunny day! Previously held competitions were ruined because of the not-so-cooperative weather.
2nd: I came earlier than expected. Hence, more shots!
3rd: I was able to position myself on the photographer’s area to get a good view of the stage. (thanks to my standing stool)
4th: I was excited to see the winners of the Dinagyang Festival 2011 Tribu Pan-ay.
5th: They actually won and crowned as the Grand Champion! wohoo!
6th: Had a sumptuous dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak in Harbour Square
7th: I was able to upload my photos in FB and Flickr in just a span of two days. Now that’s a record.

Nuff said, below are the results from the festival (courtesy of:


Best in Festival Costume – Iloilo Dinagyang Festival

**2nd Runners up
– Santiago Isabela
– Bulacan
– Zarraga Iloilo

***1st runner up – Baguio

****Reyna ng Aliwan- Cebu


*Runners up
– Pantat Festival Zarraga Iloilo
– Catanauan Quezon
– Sinulog Festival Cebu
– Kudungan Sultan Kudarat
– Calacatchara Festival, Calaca Batangas
– Sarimanok Maguindanao
– Panagbenga, Baguio City

**2nd runner up Singkaban of Bulacan
***1st runner up Kumpit sa Kutawato – Cotabato City

****Best in Float Biday a Pinangasturian (Buluan Maguindanao)


*Runners up
– Boling boling Festival, Catanauan Quezon
– Kalimudan Festival of Esperanza Sultan Kudarat
– Zamboanga Hermosa Festival, Zamboanga City
– Panagbenga Festival, Baguio City
– Pakalog Festival Pasig City

*5th Pandang Guitab, Calapan Oriental Mindoro
*4th Calacatchara Festival Calaca Batangas
**3rd Lembuhong Festival of Surallah South Cotabato
***2nd Pantat Festival, Zarraga Iloilo

****CHAMPION Dinagyang Festival Iloilo City

View the Champion’s performance here:

Of course my post will not be complete without some photos from the festival.

View my full album here:

I’m rendering photo services for (general events, fashion, glamour, portrait)

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Life as we know it…

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Well, it’s been a while since my last blog. A lot happened since then. A lot has changed. I can’t even remember some of them. But most will always have a place in my heart and mind.

Let’s start with photography since this is whay my blog is all about…. Capturing beauty… Capturing life..

I’m working on putting up a business of my own. Let’s just say that I am planning to level up on the field in which i’ve been doing a freelance job for almost 4 years and counting. Yes. I’m putting up a name on my photography. I’ve consulted the president of my photography group “EON PHOTOGRAPHY”. He said it’s ok for me to use the name as it would be a good exposure to the group. We can use the name (of course in a good way) since this is not copyrighted or something that would prove offensive to the other members.


Now there goes advertising my works, fishing clients etc. I’ve been doing this for two months already and I’m pretty positive that everything would be fine as long as I give some time into it. Hope this would be a start of a “New Beginning”.

If you’ve been following my gallery, you would notice that it’s not being updated for some time… yeah, been really busy to work on my past pictures.

I’ve been to Bohol for pleasure, Bacolod for pleasure again and Bangkok for work… and by next year Iloilo for more pleasure 🙂 (nah, i’ll be visiting relatives then shoot Dinagyang festival. didn’t I say pleasure again?)

I still have some shots from fashion shows, model shoots, events, travels that I haven’t posted yet for the past 1 and 1/2 years and I hope I can find time to do that. (Oh yeah! That’s thousand of files to work on!)

I’m already 25. And I can say that I am enjoying life. But life as we know it… a continuous journey, would have a lot of pit stops and gas stations. But as long as you haven’t reach your destination, you still continue to ride along with it……

Well, it’s getting serious around here. Till next blog 🙂

My Vote is for Richard Gordon

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Dick Gordon 2010

Few months before the election, My mind is set to only one presidentiable candidate Sen. Benigno Aquino III. But not until the last few weeks of reading newspapers, articles, watching debates and checking out each candidate’s platforms, I have rooted for Sen. Richard Gordon.
Why? Just simple. He is the only presidentiable candidate that outperforms everyone in regards to political achievement. A person with a political will. Straight, honest, talks a lot but with sense.
In this coming election, I would like you to think. Would you rather vote a person just because he is popular and is number 1 in the ratings? or vote the right person that you know is highly qualified and has already proven himself over and over again?
Think. Feel your conscience. Be a wise voter. Not a practical voter.

XTREME Magic Sing 8.0 (for sale at a bargain price!!)

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