It was a thursday, not a typical day for me to shoot since I just came from work and WILL have a work later that evening. But doesn’t stop me to attend the one of the most important event of phillipine photographers. The “Hidalgo Inauguration” . Hidalgo in Quiapo, Manila is considered as “photographers haven” by most of the photographers. Why? in these street you can see different stalls that sells different types of cameras from film to digital, lenses, accesories etc. But from the past few years, vendors had gathered beside the streets covering up the stores almost occupying the whole area. Recently, legendary photographer John Chua had decided to revive the area in it’s glorious form. He asked for help from different community of photographers and the Mayor in which the latter immediately take an immediate action.

It was almost 8:00 when I arrived on that area and people are now busy roaming on the place. I took out my camera and started to shoot. Human interests, Dragon Dance, Activities and even the kids and vendors. Ali Atienza had arrived which crazed the students from Manila High. I also had the opportunity to meet some of the photographers from our forum PiPHO. Together we did a lot of shooting. I positioned myself in the arc in which I am expecting that the mayor will arrive in just a few minutes.

A police car arrived on the scence along with a van. “That’s Mayor Atienza!”, he step down from the car and he also had the Ms Chinatown beauties of 2005 and 2006 with him. I rushed into the scene to and set my camera to continous shooting mode and fire it all the way until he reached the “cutting of he ribbon” area. I always follow the mayor everywhere he go. I’m like a photojournalist + paparazzi sneaking some shots too at those Chinatown beauties.

While the mayor is having his speech, (i was there in front of the stage) i looked behind me the awe of the people which interest me that’s why I also took a lot of pictures on them.

This continues until all of the officials and politicians left the scene. But that was not the end of it. There will be a model shoot around the area so I thought that I must be prepared for it. But look, I only have a few shots left on may sd card. So i just delete some files and positioned myself to get a good shot on the models 🙂

The time was 12:30 and I decided to go home. It was really tiring and I had wished that I will still have the strength to go to work later in the evening.







~ by Administrator on November 27, 2006.

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