A DAY AT THE “RACE TRACK” [11/05/06]

Another photo opportunity that I don’t want to miss.

At first I don’t have any idea about what to shoot but later learned that it was just like shooting an F1 race, F3 is just the “smaller” version of F1. “wow, i would like to join this shoot”. To add up my excitement, we had a media pass courtesy of our co-member in the forum which means, instant access to racers, umbrella girls and the tracks!

We assembled in Ortigas and left the area @ 7:30. After all those traffic and uneasiness, we arrived in Batangas Racing Circuit at almost 10:00 am. The rays of the sun was hot on that time but that doesn’t matter to us. We’re already there!

One thing that is circling in my thoughts is that everyone in the group is talking about Gaby Dela Merced. “Who is that? Is she a girl?” Oh yes she is! I realized that she is the girl in the commercial and she is damn pretty in racing suit. Of course, I wouldn’t pass the moment without having a picture with her (thanks to mic and deo).

The day revolve around us shooting here, there and everywhere. I tried shooting some portraits of the umbrella girls, the actual racers (michelle, gaby and the rest) and some panning shots. My favorite shots are those at the Motor Race.

We decided to go home @ around 4pm to accomodate the travel time and because we are planning to have a dinner too. We end up in one of the restaurants along South Super Highway.

As the first one to got home, I was also the first one to upload the pics in the internet. heehee that was fast! Just like AF3.

thanks to mic for this shot with “Gabby Dela Merced” 🙂

thanks to deo for this shot with Gabby and her AF3.

For more of the scenes at AF3 2006, you can visit my gallery at -> AF3 2006

Plus! more of my pictures in Multiply! -> Multiply Gallery


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