A Rainy Thursday…

but it can’t stop me to attend this once-in-a-year celebration. This is my first time to attend a christmas party for a photo club. The party was held in Tiannamen Bar in Makati. I don’t know the place. I drove with my own instincts and travel without even the slightest idea on where in Makati the venue is. All I knows is that is in Jupiter street but hey! Im not used to Makati roadmaps and street corners. Good thing I was able to arrive on the place, although it may be a little bit late but it’s better than not being there. (If you would just know where I have been to) Anyway, i was greeted by some of the members of my other organization and I got to meet new members. The food was sumptous but my interest lies on what’s in store for the shoot. To my surprise, the organizers had provided more than 5 models (more than I expected) for us to shoot till midnight. The place was a little bit crowded but lucky me I managed to have some good shots (actually, few good shots). I left the place before midnight.

Peach, one of the models from the party.

For more of the models photographs, feel free to visit my official gallery in -> Galeria De Modelos

Plus! more of my pictures in my Multiply! -> Multiply Gallery


~ by Administrator on January 3, 2007.

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