HERO 2006 [11/18-19/06]


This is my second time to attend this yearly event but it was my first time to feel what’s inside of it. Actually on my first visit, I was not able to enter since the entrance was jampacked (It was free on that time) But now, it was more organized and it has a larger venue. I came across a lot of cosplayers, different booths that sells anime stuffs, games! free computer use and many more! What I did is to shoot a lot of cosplayers (some are really cool!), toys, collectibles and the event proper. Oh, and who would forget the Dance Audition girls? They are on the center stage together with *Jocelyn Oxlade who was the emcee on that area. I met one of my colleague in our organization and he was there covering the event. Together, we shelled out our memory cards until it is full of images and we decided to go home later that evening.


I’ve decided to come back to the event because i felt like I am missing something on my shots. I want to shoot more and I want to play the newest game of e-games, Audition Online (a bust a groove-like online game). On that time, I decided to wear an anime inspired costume. I dressed like a ninja. Prepared my vest, ninja mask and of course the bandana. 😉 Went there all by myself but of course, I watched boxing phenomenon’s Manny Pacquiao againts Erik Morales match first. (Manny won by K.O in the 3rd round) yipee!

On the event, I just shoot more cosplays which I handled it better than yesterday’s shoot. Tried a couple of macro shots on those toys and figurines and some portrait shots of the models. I enjoyed the free game and played until later in the evening. 🙂

For more pictures, please visit my multiply account @ Multiply Gallery


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