OWG (One workshop Gallery) is founded by Ross Capili, a painter and a photographer at heart. He is known for his famous body painting nude shots in which shows a great art! That’s why i was so eager to visit the his studio and learn from him. We were blessed with a couple of models and the theme was “Anime” and. The first challenge was to shoot the model in front of a giant screen in which he played a certain documentary fashion shoot. It was a challenge since the only light available is on the projector and I have to shoot handheld. I need to boost my camera”s ISO settings to the max, the result may be bad (grainy) but I think it’s better than being blurry. Second challenge was much easier. We had two lights on both sides and the model just have to post. I’ve decided to talk to the model during a shoot so that she will become comfortable and pose with ease. The shoot went out well but the most unfortunate thing happened. The light’s went out. There’s no electricity! Damn, what luck. Good thing it lasted only for about 45 minutes and we did a different strategy. We used car lights and some reflectors to light the model.

Later on that day, we shoot nude. It was my first time and one of my colleagues in PiPHO taught me the right way to shoot nude so that it will not turn out offensive or much more of a porn. I enjoyed my shoot on that day and hoping that I could find some time join them for another shoot.

For more of the models photographs, feel free to visit my official gallery in -> Galeria De Modelos

Plus! more of my pictures in my Multiply! -> Multiply Gallery


~ by Administrator on January 3, 2007.

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