STAR STARRY NIGHT…[12/23/2006]

(Warning: Late Post) 

Christmas is in the air… That was what I felt as the date 25 is nearing. Thinking how will I spend Christmas? How about my presents? Where would I spend my noche buena?…

So many things to think about…

So many and yet it feels like something is missing.

I looked into one of the “parols” that is hanged in my “lolas” window. Almost every parol here in the Philippines has a “star” shape.

Star… the heavenly sign of promise as God promised a savior for the world. Can I also be a savior? A savior of the broken? A savior of the depressed? A savior of the lost?

maybe… yes… could be…

So many things to think about…

taken @ my granmothers place.


taken @ Mall of Asia (parking lot)


~ by Administrator on February 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “STAR STARRY NIGHT…[12/23/2006]”

  1. nalito ako. sabi ng date, feb.5 ung entry. tas Christmas yung laman ng post? haaaa?

  2. sorry kat. updated na. super late akong magupdate ng blog e. hahaha. 🙂 daming backlogs (remember?)

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