(Warning!  Late Post)

January 6, 2007 (Saturday)

Honestly, this will be the first time that I will be shooting fireworks. Last New Year’s celebration, I wasn’t able to catch one since I can’t capture it on time (unpredictable!).

It is a 1 hour show so I thought that the probability that I will get a decent shot is 30% (heehee of course after the show, the output rose to 40%.. luck huh?!)

I just went alone but hoping to see fellow photographers since they’ve been talking a lot about this event for the past few weeks.

Left my place @ 5:30. I expected heavy traffic but never expected that it was REALLY heavy. Bumper to Bumper from Coastal Road up to Mall of Asia. I reached the place @ 7:00pm (supposed to be a 15 min. drive only.)

Ticket price is P100.00 for the left entrance (no buffet, anything goes). Sadly, i can’t find any seats since the area is already jam packed. I decided to go beyond the limits and find a position on the rocks (good thing i bought my led light coz one fail move and I’ll be swimming among those little fishes)

The show is between USA and Spain with a time interval of almost 30 minutes each.

Spain stole the awe of the audience and I agree.

Going home is the same as arriving here in MoA. REALLY heavy traffic. I decided to freshen up myself in Starbucks (mango tea!) then sleep in my car until 1:00am. I woke and found out that there is still a line of cars on the parking exit but I decided to go home… Whew! arrived @ 2:30am



January 13, 2007 (Saturday)

This time I was with my girl friend (now ex-gf…:( ). We left her place @ 5:30pm (oh boy, i never learned my lesson) And of course, we will be expecting another series of bumper to bumper events. We arrived in MOA at 7:30pm. The show was about to start, we made our way to the crowd and hurried to the P250.00 entrance (far right). It was supposed to be P500.00 but since we will not take a meal it is reduced to P250.00.

On the site, I saw my fellow photographers already set and lined up ready for battle. One of them told me “your late, you need to find a decent spot.) Oh yeah, here we ago again. I positioned myself on the rocks and my gf seated on the upper part of the area.

China’s show was awesome. A lot of big bangs which made the audience cry for joy (of course, i was just exaggerating.) After the show, there is an inerval of 30 minutes so I just chat/mingle with my fellow photographers.

The exhibition show of the Philippines started 20 minutes late (as expected) but alas! It was one of the best show of fireworks i’ve seen so far. You’ll notice that these are really made by our fellow filipinos in Bulacan because of it’s style (the crying sound, the smoke and everything). All in all the Philippines is the best!.

After the heart-stopping finale of the Philippines, we decided to pack up and leave the area immediately (starving!). We find a suitable place to eat. (Gerry’s Grill) and we stayed there until 12:00am. I thought that traffic was over but no! The queue of cars even reached 6th floor parking of MOA (in which my car was parked). So I asked my gf if we could just sleep it for about half an hour.

We woke up after 30 minutes and there is still a line so I checked the other exit’s and made a quick escape on the building. Good thing we lived in LP since there is still traffic in EDSA.



I am hoping for a great show next year but less the hassle of travelling w/ a car.

No Traffic Please!


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