(Warning! Late Post) 

New Years Eve.

Lots of foods, loud-rock music.. here, there and everywhere.

“Piccolo” (the “in” firecracker this year), “Lolo Thunder”, “Bawang”, “Five Star” and the dreaded “Sinturon Ni Hudas” (fired by our neighbors… almost bursted my eardrums)

In short, we celebrated the New Year with a “Bang”

I tried to capture, the effect of fireworks… fountains and even the dancing firecracker “Watusi” but I was not able to produce decent shots (delete, delete). So my mind began to ticked and decided to try something else.

LIGHT PAINTING! I’ve seen it, now I want to try it. I look out for my laser light and asked my brother to write a letter in the air while I try to capture it. 🙂

The output was not too good but at least I’ve got something new for New Year.

my brother was supposed to write his name but… i failed. hehe

an attempt to create a perfect star (but i guess we’re not that perfect). 😉


~ by Administrator on February 16, 2007.

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