(Warning! Late Post)

This will be my second time attending FPC (Flickrs Photo Club) EB Shoot. (I already knew a few people which is also associated to PIPHO (Pinoy Photography Org)).

Fourth time to pass by Quezon City Circle.

and first time at La Mesa Eco Park.

Of course, im excited. It is almost a grand EB and not just we have a lot of models but the based from the regulars, there will be a lot of ‘subjects’ at the park.

Meeting time is between 12-1pm, We departed 20 min. late (of course!) and arrived at the park @ almost 2pm.

I found out that the park is a real beauty. So peaceful… so serene… I would love to visit this place again one of these days.

Time has almost run out for us. Since there are about 6 models, it is almost used up for their makeup-ing, and fashion dress-ing. But we need to be cool, it’s their decision to come up with the time. So we ourselves divided into several groups with one model each and will be interchanging after 30 minutes.

Well the shoot is a lot of fun. Interaction with fellow colleagues and the model adds to an already colorful day.

FPC’s favorite model on that time was Erica. It can never be helped. With such beauty and grace in the front of the camera makes you think that she is really a pro (she’s just a part time model but has graced into a mag cover already)
We shoot till sunset and I’m glad i had some few (but good) shots to keep.

We pack up @ 6:30pm….whew! what a tiring day.

Erica (Sunset Shot) – seen in Flickr Explore #68

For more of the models photographs, feel free to visit my official gallery in -> Galeria De Modelos

Plus! more of my pictures in my Multiply! -> Multiply Gallery


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