“ONE DAY ONLY” @ DPI[02/4/2007]

(Warning! Late Post)

We had a model(s) shoot at DPI (located in Ortigas) along with some of my FPC friends. We also had a guest photographer (Benjie Ordoñez) who came all the way from Cebu! And he’s pretty much popular in our group (you can guess why).

This will be my first time using *strobes. Before, everytime i shoot in a studio, I only use *continous lights which is not very easy because…

1.) I only use a P&S camera which means it has a *shutterlag unlike DSLR.
2.) My hands is kinda “shaky” sometimes. (That’s why i don’t drink coffee anymore)
3.) Most of the model shoots that I have attended are *guerilla shoots.

Anyway, good thing Mr. Ordoñez and other FPC Pros were there. They helped setup the lights and taught me some tips and tricks that i never knew that my camera can do (yahoo!). I was so dumb to know that I can use my flash to trigger the *strobes.

We had 6 (six) models today(so many!). Supposed to be there are 10 but oh no! I can’t handle that… (i mean “we”).

Since only few photographer friends attend the shoot, we had a lot of time to direct the models and setup our own lighting. Mr. Ordoñez also taught us how to direct a model (pose actually) which he normally do back in Cebu.

All in all, I enjoyed the shoot. This was my best studio shoot so far since I learned a lot and gained some friends.

Jun (Policewoman outfit)


Graceful King 


strobes – lights used in a studio.
shutter lag – common to p&s cameras since they don’t have “real shutters ulike DSLR and Film cameras.
guerilla shoots – large group of photographers taking shots in a single shoot.


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One Response to ““ONE DAY ONLY” @ DPI[02/4/2007]”

  1. glad you enjoyed the shoot as much as i enjoyed being with you guys. sa susunod ulit!

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