Panagbenga 2007

In the midst of a not-so-good month for me, I almost forgot that we will be having a 3 day vacation in Baguio! (my second time, first time was when I was 5 years old). After all, I was the one who planned our getaway to celebrate their annual festival “Panagbenga (Flower Festival)”.

I don’t have the experience on shooting festivals like this. But thanks to some of my photographer friends who gave me some tips and location-wise spots to remember.

Of course, I filed a two day leave (Friday, Monday). Yipee!

Friday ( Feb 23)

Left the bus station @ 11:30pm (Victory Liner) along with 5 of my friends.
Was informed that the ride will take 6-7 hours with 2 stop overs. I can withstand that but unfortunately, the reservation seats we had are in the backseat of the bus. (good luck)

Saturday (24)

We came @ almost 6:00am and I need to buy tickets for our trip back to Manila. Unfortunately (again) line was too long. Took us almost two hours to buy some tickets.
The parade had almost started. I decided to bring our belongings to the rented house so we can enjoy the street dancing (very colorful indeed.)

Lots of people from different locations, and photographers too. But I don’t mind. I just took my camera, belt bag, a couple of batteries and sd cards and shoot (in the middle of the street)! [pasaway] The street was so crowded and I can’t even have a good vantage point (i expected that there wil be a large crowd but not this HUGE.) The weather is not so good, I felt that it will rain (thank god, did not happen). I took a lot of shots and of course (only few are good… in which i call “chamba shots”). The parade last for about 3 hours and we decided to take a lunch.

“Boys in Bahag”

After having lunch, we decided to visit the famous locations along that area .

In Order:

1. Baguio Cathedral
2. Session Road
3. Burnham Park
4. Boating Lagoon
5. Orchidarium
6. Baguio City Market
7. SM Baguio

After the walkathon (im so tired), we decided to go home, relax, eat (of course) and call it a day.

Sunday (25)

The parade was 8:30 am and we woke up late. Too bad. While preparing, we are watching it “live”. I was thinking that we can’t go there anymore since there a lot’s of people already. But my friends insisted to come so they can have pictures with the floats. Oh well, yeah we tried to go on Athletic Bowl but was informed that the location wasin Melvin Jones Ground (yeah right). We saw some floats with colorful flowers but the annoying part is that those floats have some political ads and some “politiko” in it. Aw, talking about shooting opportunity spoiled. That day, I only took few shots, most are actresses (thanks to my 12x optical zoom. hehehe). On midday, we decided to leave the area and go somewhere else, somewhere peaceful….


“Flower Princesses” 

In order.

1. Camp John Hay
2. Horse Trail (the best trail so far
3. Butterfly haven – few butterflies, few macro oppotunities.
4. Mines View (we ate lunch here!)
5. Good Sheperd Convent (sadly, Ube jam are out of stock, better luck again tomorrow)
6. Back to Mines View (shopping! pasalubong and wallet scraper)

We decided to go home @ around 7:pm.

Monday (26)

Woke up earlier (6am) pack up things since we will be leaving our items in DOT Baguio (we had a friend who is working there).

1st stop: Good Sheperd Convent ( I will never leave baguio without an UBE jam in hand)
2nd stop: La Trinidad, Benguet – Strawberry Farm (this is out of the plan but we decided to pursue. last minute shopping)
3rd stop: Victory liner terminal – 1:10pm schedule (of course we get our belongings @ DOT before going to the station)

Whew, good thing we are reserved in the middle seats of the bus (we had a peaceful trip back home).

right now… hangover.


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