POW(Picture of the Week)[02/14/07]

(Warning! Late Post) 

One of my shots from the DPI shoot was selected as Photo of the Week by the editors of FPC. (yahoo!)

PoW! 16th Week – Valentines Day Special

What we are is not what is seen on the outside
There is more value to what lies hidden inside.
Whether it be a kiss or gestures of the hands,
Or a touch of one’s being that tightens bonds,
People measure us by the caring we display,
Not by the camera gadgets we are able to pay.
Those that matter’ll keep us in minds, in hearts,
Only if we show them what we hide in our innards.

 Anne “Crimson Elegance”

Editor’s Comment: Pure fashion elegance. This capture by Maxi illustrates that the body language of the model is much more important than the amount of skin bared. Anne’s face and hand placement exudes the formal elegance of a stately lady. And this is well accentuated by the appropriate dress.

This also hammers into mind that what goes on inside the dress is an equally important factor in capturing a full dress photo like this. Through the skirt, one can imagine the way Anne positioned her legs and feet, and that gesture added to the mode of this image. Of course the dress is up to the designer, but the photographer is the significant link to that fashion pleasure a viewer enjoys.

But, no! He may not send this as entry to the February 2007 Theme Photo Contest any more! (me – too bad.)

Full details here -> FPC BLog Site

For more of the models photographs, feel free to visit my official gallery in -> Galeria De Modelos

Plus! more of my pictures in my Multiply! -> Multiply Gallery


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