Last friday morning (March 09, 2007 at around 5:30am), i was going home and quietly walking in the middle street of Avenida, Recto when…..

A man locked his arms on my shoulder and said “Boy, bigay mo sa akin yung cellphone mo kung ayaw mong masaktan!!!” then pointed a rusty “balisong” on the side of my body. Strucked for about 5 seconds, I thought of three things

1.) Use a judo maneuver (lock his feet and push)
2.) The famous “poke in the eye” or “thrust in the throat” technique
3.) Push and run as fast as I could to the nearest bank with a security guard (which is pretty far.)

But i realized that “he” is not alone, one of his comrades positioned himself in front of me blocking my way and the other one is on my back and I don’t know if he is holding a knife or something. Judging the situation, I decided to give up and gave my hard-earned cellphone (cost 17k – second hand). But that’s not the end of it, they asked for my wallet in which i slowly put out from my pocket. I was supposed to get my cards/license which are the most important things i have in my wallet (I only have P100.00) but the guy from the back snatched it. Then the three of them turned their backs on me and walked… walked… walked…. up to the darkest area of the streets until I lose sight of them.

I looked around me and there are lots of people in the area (tambay, walking etc.) but none of them cared nor did anything (kahit alert man lang). I even thought that they may have other comrades waiting and lurking in the corner in case they screw up. I tried to walk straight and fast on the opposite direction to look for a policeman or security guards but to my dismay I found no one.

Good thing I have 200 bucks which is more than enough for me to go home and relay the story to my family.

After the trauma, i’ve decided to…..

1.) Not buy an expensive/all featured cellphone.
2.) Buy an extra sim (sun)
3.) Buy a cheap cellphone for me to bring in case I need to travel on dangerous spots in the metro.
4.) Buy a seperate multimedia player (ipod, creative, zune or psp). I love to listen on my mp3’s and watch videos.
5.) Avoid those areas as much as possible.

The good thing is: I am alive and unhurt.
If there is one person I wanted to thank for… that would be our Almighty Father.


~ by Administrator on March 14, 2007.

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