Tempted to Shoot…

Last March 10, I was invited by a friend to shoot for an airsoft magazine. I didn’t think twice ang grab the opportunity since I haven’t done that before. The shoot will be held in Pugad Lawin, Quezon City.

We met the publisher somewhere in QC Circle (i forgot the place) and he gave us a brief explanation on what are the things that we “need” to shoot. Since this is a tournament, I am thinking that we will be shooting a lot of action and candid shots from the players.

Arrived at the place two hours before lunch. It was damn hot. But thanks to the jungle-like place, the trees covered us up for good. The place is like an “army camp”. You’ll see lot of people (even girls) wearing fatigue uniform, camouflage suit including different kinds of weapons in their arsenal.

Before the tournament starts, we were instructed to cover up our eyes (with sunglasses, of course!) since bullets are flying everywhere in the field. I managed to capture a couple of candid, posed shots from different teams and was planning to enter the battlefield to take a decent action shot.

Things are not that simplier when the actual battle began. I was nearby the entrance and they started firing (I was already firing too… with my camera). I wanted to get close to the action and cover up myself from the bark of trees. But I can’t avoid those “pellets” and I was hit numerous times. Good thing I was heavily dressed up so I felt less pain.

I enjoyed shooting the same as watching them play. I like war movies and I can imagine myself in the actual battlefield. I would want to try it if will be given the opportunity.

I was tempted to shoot… not with my camera but with an ak-47 rifle armed with plastic bullet or a sniper rifle 🙂

(sorry guys, photos will not be posted before the magazine’s release. feel free to check it from time to time.)


~ by Administrator on March 19, 2007.

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  1. […] Two pages are dedicated for the group which includes our profile and some of our pics taken from the last event => see my blog last March 19th, 2007. Tempted to shoot… […]

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