Weekend TwoSome

Saturday Shoot: 3/31/07

It’s been a while since I had a model shoot in a studio. So I decided to give up the my supposedly sched shoot in World Trade to join the SX IS Army of TipidPC (website) in their first model studio shoot. The shoot have two sessions (12-4) and (4-8) and I signed up for the first option. We had 5 models on the first session and two on the next. Why? The second session models are Erica and her sister Fernicka. (See my post: Invading La Mesa 2/29/2007). I ended up extending my time since one of the organizers requested it. And besides, it’s fun to stay in the studio and watch them shoot. Got a few good shots but what’s important for me on that time is meeting new friends and extending my contacts. 🙂

One of my favorite shot. 

Sunday Shoot: 4/1/07

Manila Autoworld 2007

Since i left the studio @ almost 7pm, i decided to skip my Autoworld Shoot and decided to have it next day. Oh boy! i did made a good decision. Arrived in WTC @ 10:30am and left @ 7:00pm. That’s almost 10 hours of non stop shooting and chatting!

I just missed shooting carshows since this is one of my favorite event. From Ferraris to Lamborginis, and the latest models of SUV’s, Mazda RX and customized cars. Added to the event is my favorite Toyota AE86 which I’ve used to watch on the anime Initial D. Oh! and who would forget the Motul Skyline GT-R (which I normally use in the playstation game, Gran Turismo). sweet! Also, one of the mini-event is the show of Russ Swift (google it buddy), a great precision driver. His awesome driving skills and heart thumping stunts made me cover the event in video. (haha!) I usually cover those kind of events by capturing stills but i don’t want to miss any moment. 😉

Also met a lot of photographer friends from various forums. DPP, PipHO, TipidPC, FPC you name it. This made the models ask “magkakakilala kayo?” I replied “yes, parang kayo dito magkakakilala din.” (hehehe)


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