A Very Hot Summer Season

We are on the second week of April now and the temperature is still getting hotter and hotter everyday. You may not want to stay in your house in the middle of the day (it feels like you being grilled in an oven for a degree celsius of 33+)

Since it’s weekend, me and my colleagues at work have decided to go to the beach (Puerto Galera!) woohoo!

Ok now, to make my story short. We arrived @ Puerto last Saturday (late afternoon) after the grueling 6 hours travel time + headache-causing waves. Good thing that there is a private pool on the place that we rented so after eating and having a major group hug… guess what? Well instead of swimming, we decided to just walk along the seashore. (It’s already 5:30) and i’d love to sea the sunset and take some photos.

I ended up in Coco Beach where there will be an event @ 7:00 (ETC Sexiest) which made me curious so I decided to stay…

Well seeing the show was worth it. After few songs of Dianne (Bosa Nova Singer) and sizzling performances from the ETC Dancers (in bikinis) plus the entertaining games (hosted by Sam Oh), we (some of my friends approached me when they saw the dancers) decided to have our dinner. starving! But of course, I will never left the area with a souvenir photo of the performers. (hehe)

Left: Dianne (singer) Right: Sam Oh (Host) 

Oh, and have i informed about having dinner? We came back and saw our friends in the pool enjoying the warm water. The next thing I know, I was joining them already.

Ended up having dinner @ 12am. Geez, it was a sight seeing me eat on that time.

Slept @ 1am…

Woke up at… 8! OMG, The sun is already shining brightly in the velvet sky! I am sure that I missed a lot of happenings. I hurriedly took a shower and make my to the beach.

This is what I missed.

1.) Banana Boat
2.) Snorkling at the Coral Reef
3.) Caving
4.) Hearty Breakfast.

Hearty breakfast? yes because we will be leaving @ 10:30am. 1:00pm and 5:00pm are fully booked. And I don’t want to stay till Monday.

Going home was smooth and we stopped for Halo-Halo in Chowking @ the Expressway. Perfect for a very hot summer season.

I’m on the far right of the photo 😉

For large version of more of the pics, please visit AT&T DSL Events


~ by Administrator on April 17, 2007.

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