Let there be Light… [04/07/2007]

(Warning! Late Post)

in World Light Expo 2007. 🙂

This expo has been running for almost 2 months now and i thought that this is the time for me to visit the place (inspite of all those negative feedbacks). This will also be my first time for such event. I overheard that the previous event similar to this was the Lights and Lanterns last 2003.

We came @ around 8pm (i was with my sister and her bestfriend). The entrance fee was a little bit pricey. 200 bucks! can you imagine that? But since we’re already there and my hands are now glued on my camera to shoot, we went inside.

The place is spacious enough for me to roam around. After seing the first structure, I hurriedly fired away. It took me about 10 frames before I move to the second. The colors of the lights amazed me. This is why night photography somehow interests me.

A few minutes later, the announcer informed that there will be a laser light show at the northeast part of the area (which makes me (again) a little bit interested). We made our way to the NE part and stand in the middle of a fountain. Suddenly, water bursted and a form of light projects into it displaying an awesome light trail effects and some clip movies. The show last for almost 5-10 minutes and it ended with a display of fireworks.

After the show, I decided to shoot all the structures in different angles. And when I was in the middle of shooting the geisha’s…… my battery status indicator turned red (low batt). Damn! I realized I forgot my extra batteries. I was thinking I forgot it on my car but on a second thought, I left the extra batts in my bed! (talking about spoiled night). I turned off my camera and just walk and walk and walk trying to forget my stupidity. I had managed to enter into the exhibit of Terra Cotta Armies and Paper Dolls made by a famous korean doll creator. I was tempted to take a picture (sucking the last breath of my batteries) but I decided to save the last frame before we go home.

To my frustration, i just sat down and watched the show on the stage. But making things worse, there are no circus shows nor any magic trick shows on that time. (oh man, this is a bad day). We decided to go home @ around 12. Before we left the premise I stop over the famous “Ceramic Dragon” made some few shots and took some shots on my favorite red lantern display until my batteries are out.

Now, will I go back again to recapture the entire expo? Nah, maybe next time…

My Favorite Subject that day: “Red Lanterns”

Most Photographed Structure:  “Ceramic Dragon”


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