Aliwan Festival 2007

The title seems appropriate for what i’ve experienced on this event.

“ako ay naaliw sa Aliwan”.

Last year, i failed to attend on this event due to unawareness on it’s activities. But since the passion for shooting festivals grew on me, I’ve decided to block all my other activities/shoots to attend on this event

I arrived 30 minutes before the parade @ the Quirino Grandstand (beside Manile Hotel), which is for me, already late. I parked my car at Harbour Square and ride the FX-Lawton route.

Upon arrival, i hurriedly look for the participants to have some portrait shots. (I believe that im already running out of time since the parade will start @ 3pm). Glad to see a lot of photographers (including friends) scattered and shooting everywhere. 🙂

Almost 3pm, I’ve decided to find a vantage point to capture the street dancing competition when I noticed an area full of photographers with an indication that it is “for media people only”. Well, since I’m in a full battle gear…

1.) Cowboy hat
2.) Arm band
3.) Flickrs Photo Club Shirt
4.) and my trusty S2 IS

… I easily passed those big-muscle bouncers without questioning my identity.

But it was too late! All of the photographers are in the front row and I don’t have enough space to shoot. I tried to look for someone who is shorter than me so I can take some decent pictures without that “extra” hair, or camera or lens. 🙂

Street Dance has started after the usual opening ceremonies. I was torn between watching the competition and taking photographs. I enjoyed it so much that the beat of the drum makes me dance dance and dance.

After a few contestants I, along with other Piphols (thats what we call to the members of our club, PiPHO) have decided to walk along roxas boulevard to have some variety on our shots. (The participants, after the street dance should make the way to CCP Complex.) We ended up having dinner in Aristocrat since we are really really exhausted and tired of shooting and standing for more than 4 hours. (Also add the heat of the sun.)

But nonetheless, this was one event that I shouldn’t miss every summer of the year.

For more pics from the event, feel free to visit my Flickr Gallery and my Multiply Site.


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