Another 1st @ Metro One Studio

I did wake up on time but did not leave at the house “on time” due to unwanted circumstances. I came at the area at around 7:20. At first I though I was lost because the studio had no banner or adverts displayed on the front of their building. Good thing “manong guard” was knowledgeable enough to direct me to that place.

As I’ve entered the building, they are just about to start (whew, what a relief) I still have a few good hours left before going to my workplace.

Model was Machi (somewhat familiar since i’ve seen her on my colleagues flickr account). We did a few good rounds until i’ve realized that it was almost time for me to go. As I am about to leave, there came another model named “Mitchie”, I just spoke to my friend and said “kayo talaga, daya niyo!” he just smiled and replied, “bawi ka na lang next time”. oh ok!

Decided to take a taxicab which I rarely do. I don’t want to be late @ work… my shift starts @ 11pm and I left @ around 10:30pm.

My travel time became worth it when I checked on some of my photos @ home.

I also tried to submit some of my photos in DPP (Digital Photographer Philippines) for the theme on Issue #12 : Nude.



~ by Administrator on May 15, 2007.

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