Cosplay @ Club Intramuros

(Warning! Late Post)

My 3rd event from a 3 day non stop shooting on the third week of MAY.

I received an invite from various photography forums that Jayvee, the blogger have scheduled a fun shoot with Jerry Polence, a famous filipina cosplayer on a hot sunday afternoon in Club Intramuros. If you would remember that last night, I came from a party in QC and I’m supposed to be having a shoot the next day morning in La Mesa Eco Park. Since the cosplay shoot is around 2pm, I skipped the shoot in Eco Park to get some rest and head to Intramuros after lunch.

The meeting area is like a gallery of “old school” cameras. I would not be surprised If i would see a “daguerro-type” film camera from the 18th century. Brands like Leica, Mamiya, Lomos and everything film-type cams feast into my eyes. It was like living in a vintage era. Also met some of my EON and PiPHO friends.

Polence have four costumes under her sleeves. She cosplayed Fran from Final Fantasy 12, Chii from Chobits, School Girl and Gothic Lolita. We finished shooting @ around 5. Me and my Eon friends have decided to have our dinner at Harbour Square. We ate at Dencios and took some nightscapes outside. We even tried moonshots and light painting. At around 11pm, we called it a day.

Whew another tiring weekend…


I used one of my cosplay pics and tried my First HDR Processing.

Watcha think?

For more pics from the event, feel free to visit my Flickr Gallery


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  1. Thanks for coming, Maxi! Blogged!

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