1st IMAG EB Party

(Warning! Late Post)

My 1st event from a 3 day non stop shooting on the third week of MAY.

The event was held at the Perla Mansion (penthouse) in Makati.


If you would ask me, i would rather go somewhere south. In Makati, I’m lost. But i thought that it was a great opportunity to get to know the place.

Well, I’m glad I’m not that totally lost. Just walked a few miles and asked the guards for direction, I did came earlier than the scheduled time. A pretty receptionist greeted me which already made my day. As expected, my friends from EON Photography are already there. (considering the fact that most members of the EON group had dominated the event).

I’ve got a chance to meet some of the known photographers in the Philippines. Ibarra Deri, Mark Floro, Dominique James was there to share their knowledge and provide tips on shooting models with studio lights.

Excited, Enthralled, Awe-Inspired, Jaw-Dropped, Silenced…. those where the emotions that I felt during the shooting sessions with the three professional photographers which is rewarded with few but fabulous photographs.

After the shoot, we have free printing which is sponsored by canon and some raffle prizes (too bad I didn’t won any items) and the ever famous group hug (shot).

The event lasted until 12am and after that, I’m back to work.

(Photos will not yet be posted as requested by the admins)


~ by Administrator on May 30, 2007.

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