1st Flickr Anniversary Party

(Warning! Late Post)

My 2nd event from a 3 day non stop shooting on the third week of MAY.

After a memorable shoot last night. Here I am, wandering… travelling north to attend FPC’s 1st year anniversary.

It’s a good thing the directions are pretty clear. I was not lost. (I’ve been lost several times due to not-so-clear directions)

Arrived at the site @ around late afternoon, I was welcomed by the admins and greeted by some photographer friends. Everything is well prepared. The food, videoke, the models, etc… etc.. Did I mentioned about the food? Oh yeah, it was great! Of course Canon will also be there to sponsor the club (with free prints!). I’ve got to test Canon 5d (full frame baby!) yeah… i know I’m a Nikon die-hard fan. But a full frame is a full frame and nothing can beat that. I hope Nikon can provide their own full frame anytime soon.

And the models? oh the models are good. They did a little fashion show to entertain us then we go ahead and shoot! Lighting is not that good (2 spotlights) very harsh on my camera, need to do some tricks to get the correct exposure.

The shoot went hot and so it the ambience. I was perspiring all from the top to the bottom and I just want to go ahead and swim! But since no one did it, I just let it be.

At this time, I went home again @ around 12 pm. After the group hug (shot) and some farewells.

Models from the event courtesy of ArtI Modeling Agency







for more of the model pictures please visit my Flickr Gallery.


~ by Administrator on May 31, 2007.

2 Responses to “1st Flickr Anniversary Party”

  1. Nikon World

    Interesting article, Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nikon Planet

    Nikon Planet, Thanks.

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