A Rainy Saturday…

(Warning! Late Post)

Another weekend and another time for a photoshoot.

This was the last bash of the EON group this summer. And during that time we had a shoot + swim in Momarco Resort located at Tanay Rizal. There were around 40 of us including the photographers, models, makeup artist and assistants.

– Meeting place was at the shell station in somewhere in Otigas.
– left the place at almost 12. Which is supposed to be 10:00 (filipino time!)
– followed a convoy but was lost temporarily since the convoy is too fast for me. (I had lots of stuff in my car’s trunk).
– stop over in tropical hut, tanay rizal
– experienced baguio-like roads in antipolo
– talking about rocky road. (not the ice cream!)
– arrived in Momarco at around 2:30pm
– ate lunch like there was not tomorrow

After we ate our lunch….. It rained! It was like spoiling the rest of the day for us. But you think the rain’s gonna stop these shutter-clicking-addict group? nah! Armed with umbrellas, plastics and bath towels, some of us shoot while raining. Other’s swim (it was so cold but the water is warm). Other’s preferred sleeping, eating or chatting.

We left the place @ around 8 and drive our way back to shell station again (meeting place) to have a sumptuous dinnner in Chowking. It lasted until 12.

On my home, i’ve encountered a heavy traffic along Edsa Magellanas. A truck met an accident which blocked the entire road going to Taft Ave. I came home at 3 (which was supposed to be 30 minutes only).

Imagine that!

You can visit the resorts page here: Momarco Resort


~ by Administrator on June 5, 2007.

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