Fashion Makeover

(Warning! Late Post) 

My Account Manager in our department invited me to join the contest for the Sykes Summer Outing in Subic. The theme was “Paradiso”. The team should include a creative director, makeup artist, photographer (me) and a videographer.

-> call time is 8:00am. met my manager @ shell station in LP.
-> we picked up two cute dogs from her friend (a shih-tzu and a poodle. cute!)
-> met the models @ shell in Ayala Ave.
-> arrived at The Fort (Global City). our first location.

It was my first time there. It’s like a new city to be built. Took some interesting architectural details around the area while my manager (who is the MUA, is doing her makeup on the female model).

First shoot was taken at around 11-12. It was very hot. The concept is “Dog Walking”. And of course, I warned them that the guards might pick on us…. And they did! They confront my manager and asked her if she had a permit to shoot. My manager just informed that she didn’t know that we need a permit. It worked but the guard only allowed us to shoot for a limited time.


After some series of shots, we take a break at Figarro. Then after half an hour, Our Area Manager came to assist on the next shoot. Their car “red BMW” will be used for the male model. Again, we were confronted by the guards on the area. The same thing happened. They give us a limited amount of time.

After some series of shots at “The Fort” we packed up and decided to go on the next location (Makati) at our manager’s condo unit. We stopped for some coffee at The Coffee Shop and take some shots of the female model and the red BMW with the Makati buildings in the background.

At the condo (talking about a huge lcd screen and a comfy place), the set it for our next concept which is…. i forgot actual title. hehehe. Basically, it’s a man wearing a necklace on the women and their side are lots of jewelries. Im thinking “Proposal”? “A Gift” for the title?

After the “Proposal” shots, we went on the next and last location which is the pool area located on that building. (Time for bikini shots)

Since it’s almost night time, I asked for a spotlight to light the models. Good thing my manager listened to me before and brought 2. But we’ve only used one. I also asked for a large illustration board as our reflector. (We are really limited on resources).

I find it hard to shoot on that night because.

1.) I don’t have a tripod.
2.) My camera can’t handle low light conditions
3.) Those korean kids are nasty. (splashes of water on us!)

Well good thing i’ve managed to get at least a few good shots. So we packed up and call it a day.

(photo will be posted soon)

Since all of us are already tired, the managers treated us on a japanese resto, Kitaro (sukiyakidon, yum yum!)

After a sumptous meal, we all went home.

Honestly, I’m not happy with my shots (kinda tired, lack of sleep). I wasn’t able to think well and be creative. A lesson learned for me. I’ll do better next time even with limited resources.

Im just hoping that we’ll win in the fashion photo contest. 🙂


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