From Dusk to… almost Dawn

It’s a Sunday and I was supposed to be resting. But no! I remembered that I will be having a model/nature shoot in La Mesa Eco Park with the EON/SX IS Army and DPP (Digital Photographer Philippines) photogs. My model & makeup artist friend would be there so definitely, i need to be there.

-> Woke up @ 5am, travelling time @ 5:30.
-> We arrived in the venue at almost 8am.
-> Submitted the letter of the request to the admin.
-> Paid for the entrance
-> Setting up the make-up station
-> Introduction by each photographers.
-> Shoot!

Oh, I almost forgot, 2 models also came as invited by one of my EON friends so we have a total of 3 models divided on 25+ photographers.

Unfortunately, the weather is not that friendly and it rained. Luckily it is only just for a few minutes as the sun shine brightly again in the velvet sky. (huh?!)

Shoot was supposed to be until 12 pm only but due to consistent public demand, it was moved until 2pm. Too bad for me because I still have to attend an event in the evening (which I will share later).

After the last set, it’s time to pack up. All of us are hungry and tired so we drop by at the nearest fast food chain in the area (KFC!)

MJ in La Mesa Eco Park


Time to go home, we dropped my model and MUA friend at downtown Manila and I was dropped of somewhere in Lawton. Time is already 5:30 and I have a meeting time of 6:00 at the One Esplanade. I am one of the official photographers for our company’s 3rd anniversary celebration on it’s number one client. I texted the Core Group that I will be late for an hour and will arrive on the venue at around 7:30.

Arriving home, i hurriedly did some last minute preparations. Tried to make sure that everything is already set up for the event. I also managed to borrow my friends Canon 400d but had not time to tinker it.

I arrived at the party at around 7:30. Setup my camera, did some test shots and off I go. Some are already looking out for me, I just told them that I came here early and just around the area taking up some shots (hehehe). I was amazed by the sound of the 400d’s shutter. It’s controls are also easy to navigate with. It only took me 5 minutes to setup the camera on my own preference and about 3 seconds to change the settings every shot. (But it still doesn’t convinced me to buy a canon dslr).

I did some rounds on every team that i’ve encountered. Taking up pictures of the bands, the stage, the VIP’s, the food etc. etc. Oh, and of course I need to eat so I ate to my heart’s content. There was also a time that I rested and enjoyed the party with my colleagues.

The party ended at around 1 pm. I did not won any raffle prizes though (too bad). Me and my co-photographers stayed on the VIP room while we download our files on my manager’s laptop. We finished everything @ around 3 and decided to take an early morning snack somewhere in Macapagal Ave. Ended up in Jollibee eating my fav. Chicken Burger Value Meal (yum! yum!). Raced my way to home and arrived at 4:30am….

which is almost dawn.

The Photographers and their manager… (hehe)

Me and my colleagues 🙂


~ by Administrator on June 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi!

    My name is Odessa Fernandez, and I am from Houston, Texas. Right now however, I am in Makati staying at a hotel and I couldn’t help but notice how AWESOME your photos are!!! I would like to inquire about ur rates and whatnot, because I want to build my portfolio. if you could PLEASE get back to me ASAP i would really appreciate it! just email ur info to my addy, thanksss!!


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