Weekend Airsoft Extreme

Last Sunday, our group EON Photography had organized an airsoft/model shoot somewhere in Bricktown, valenzuela. Something new for me since I was able to use airsoft guns and was also able to participate in skirmish games. (ang sakit palang matamaan ng pellets). Weather did not coordinate from the start. It rained after a few hours of our arrival (i’ve been noticing that every time we have an eb, it always rain!) But of course, nothing can stop our passion. We still pursued our skirmish games and model shoot. Luckily, rain stopped and it remained until we head back home.

After our tiring shoot, we decided to stop by @ Iceberg in Metrowalk and have a sumptuous meal. After a few chitchat and picture taking, we called it a day.

I guess it’s time for me to rest from weekend’s shoot. My hard drive (200gb) is already full of unedited pictures (which i need to edit). I need to backup some files in dvd’s and I need to buy a new hard drive (probably 160gb).

It’s Maxi’s Angels… hehehe 😉


~ by Administrator on June 22, 2007.

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