Wassup, Wassup?

Before I forget that I have a blog, I would post some of the happenings from the pastweeks… 🙂

One Night @ DPI (the repeat)

My Eon buddies have organized another model shoot and it was held last friday midweek of June.

Great thanks to “daddy manny” for providing us a DVD copy of photography tutorials.

One of the models is a “wushu expert” so don’t you dare messing with her.

For more of the pics, please check out my Flickr Gallery


PIPHO 2nd Anniversary

It’s been a year since I joined Pipho (Pinoy Photography.org) and I was in attendance when they had celebrated their first year. This year there are more members, more sponsors (woohoo!) and more prizes. Unfortunately, I only won those gift cheques at Tom’s World (better than nothing huh? but I want that printer, mommy) Met some old camera buddies with their updated cameras, Made new friends and contacts and of course, the event will not be complete without the food! and the model shoots. This time too many photographers are taking shots so I just took a few but good pictures then observe them shoot (believe me, it’s a lot fun than you taking some shots)

After the event, my EON buddies would want to watch Transformers. Time is already 10:00! “Are there any malls open on that time?” After a few mall hoppings the search for an open theater failed. And finally, we went home.

Visit PiPho’s official web forum at Pinoy Photography.org


Graphic Republic now OPEN

My photography buddy JC has recently opened their business (Graphics & Web Design + Photography) in:

Unit 1809 Cityland Herrera
98 Rufino Corner Valero Street, Salcedo Village
Makati City, Philippines

For more info, please check their website at Graphic Republic


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