Shoot for a Cause

Last July 21, 2007 (Sunday), Lakbay Pitik Camera Club has invited us for a charity/fashion shoot in Asilo (which is located along U.N Avenue). The 500 pesos fee will be used to provide gifts and perks for the children, food and for the venue.

Me and my EON bud arrived at exactly 8:00 as required by the organizer but of course it will not start exactly as it has planned to be… well, so much for that. After an hour of chit chat with my EON buds and newly found photographer friends, we started the day with a group hug (group shot).

After the group shot, we went to the vicinity where the kids are having a program and there we started our charity work. The kid sang a song for us and I have to admit, it touched my heart.

After giving their goodies, we started the shoot. There are 8 designers (i think) and 8 models divided into at least 6 groups of photographers (4-5) in each group. After a few minutes, the place is dominated by the photographers with their models. Shooting here, there and everywhere. The kids were amazed on what they saw and as for the fun part, they are mimicking the model’s poses (hahaha). Some of the kids also wanted to pose and i took shots on some of them.

We finished the morning shoot at around 11am and took our lunchbreak (McDO). Resumed the shoot at around 1pm then onwards. As for the designers they had provided us with at least 3 diferent costume/layouts for the model. There was one designer who had caught my attention because of her lovely dresses. What amazes me was that she did that from scratch to finishing (yung iba pinapatahi ang kanilang design).

After the tiring shoot and farewells to the kids, we have decided to go home, ooops no. We have decided to have an early dinner at the Harbour Square. A little taste of Tapa King then few chit chats with Eon buds.

The least interesting moment happened to me that day was when I lost my parking ticket so I have to pay 150 bucks. ouch!

(pictures will not be posted unless approved by the designers)


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