Catching Up

It has been almost a month since I last write something about my photography. Remember that I promised to update my blog as often as I could? Well, I guess I’m good at breaking my promise regarding this matter.

Anyways… enough of this. Let me start way back last July 27.

An ex-colleague of mine has been bugging me around for some time to take his picture saying that he already has a concept for the shoot. The problem is, there’s so much for me to do in 24 hours 7 days a week that I can’t find a time to accomodate or accept his offer.

Good thing I was on leave that friday. I decided to give it a shot. Anyways, he’s a good friend so why turn him down? It was raining, hours before the meeting time. I think around 9:30 or something (I can’t remember) I arrived late but anyways we did continue the shoot..

Damn, I’m too lazy to continue my story.. anyway you can read the rest of the story (his story) on his blog.

Half The World Away

look for the title => Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes


Birthday Bash ’07

Last days of July are the times when my money is spent as fast as smallville boy. I usually celebrate  my bday 3 times. One day for my family, one for friends and one for my colleagues. This time is different. I was invited for a shoot by my eon buddies. A model shoot in DPI. Of course, they knew it was my bday and they will not pass the opportunity to leave my wallet unharmed. heehee. I also invited a highschool friend who I recently learned that she’s up to modelling now.

On the studio, we just had a fun shoot + pizza party. Also surprised that my eon friend Rj, bought me a cake. sweet!

Well, I didn’t have the opportunity to grab a slice since It is almost time for work. Only 30 minutes left and I’m in the middle of ortigas. I needed to rush, just say my goodbyes to my eon buds and beso besos to my model friend(s) (my high school friend bought her model friends who afterwards became my friends too).

Well, if you know me, I don’t wanna be late in work or in any of my appointments so I would do anything just to be there on time. (unless of course if i’ve encountered some hindrance along my way). I run as fast as I could and god blessed me, I came right before clock ticks 10:00pm.

Celebration has not ended yet. Since pizza hut is just around the corner and one of my colleagues has her palm card, I ordered a few boxes of pizza. They were surprised! It’s like fiesta in my station where people gathered all over. In return, my team manager bought me an Oreo Cheesecake from Cake2go.

At the end of the month, my wallet’s broke. I’m broke. But I have to say that this is definitely one of the best celebration that i’ve ever had.

Okay, since you might be wondering how we look like, here are some pics for you. Enjoy!

Celebration with my College Friends: July 29

Celebration with EON Buds: July 31

Me at the office. July 31

Damn, so im so stupid to forgot taking pictures celebrating with my family. 😦


A Clan Gathering

I believe on the saying “Sa bawat lungkot, may ligaya. Sa bawat pagtitiis may kapalit na ginhawa”. But what if it comes the other way around? Few days after my birthday, My grandfather passed away. I already knew it before I came home from the office. I received a message from my mother but it was not intended to me. It was for my aunt.

As i’ve arrived I felt a different aura surrounding our house. My aunts and uncles are aleady there. Crying, sobbing, silenced. As you may not know, we are one big family. My grandpa had 9 children. They were strucked and so was I. The last time I experienced this was when my lola (father side) passed away last year.

But to tell you the truth, we’ve been expecting this but we never expect that it will be so soon. Grandpa, is bed ridden for almost 2 years na. In the last few weeks, he became really sick. He already can’t see, can’t hear and can barely move. His body has faded too. We can see lots of wounds and bruises on his back. Even I wished to end his suffering. If you could see his situation, it’s like he’s body is crumbling, flesh is being torn apart exposing his wounds.. aah i can’t continue this.

News spread across our families. A few days after, we’ve been entertaining visitors or should i say “kamag-anak”, that we have never met! Some came from Cavite, Tagaytay, Rizal and Iloilo. They stayed at our house until grandpa’s last wake. Mother came home from Saudi but it was just an emergency leave . So she will be here for two weeks only.

It is a very tiring week for me. In the office I was like, stealing moments just to sleep. At home, I was like a machine fueled by a cup of coffee. Well… so much for that.

Right now, I’m just glad that grandpa is now with God our Father.


Life goes on…


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  1. cute photo with eon buddies 🙂

  2. thanks kat. 🙂

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