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I’ve stopped shooting for a almost a month now. Am I bored? tired? did my passion run out?

the answer is a big “NO!”

I just needed a rest (hibernation mode). Besides, I’m still saving out for my long long overdue DSLR. (donations will be very very much appreciated).

Oh, and those backlogs. My 200gb HD is almost full and I need to sort, delete and burn some files.

Anyway, let me change the topic. Something came up while I am trying to search something in Google. I’ve been searching names of artist, titles, songs, lyrics or whatever came up in my mind. But I never thought of searching up “myself”. This may sound old but yeah it’s something new for me.

Guess what? I’ve got 8-10 hits! I think even a kid can do a la Chloe Sullivan on my profile eh?

Tags that i’ve used:

1.) Maxi Adrian
2.) Maxi San Agustin
3.) Maxi Adrian San Agustin

Here are some of the usual hits: <- OMG! I’m innocent.

Google ahead and try yours 🙂


~ by Administrator on August 31, 2007.

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