Sykes Idol Photoshoot

October 20, 2007

I was about to finish my reports at the office two days before when I’ve received an email from an office buddy and it says “Maxi, pwede ka ba ngayon? shoot ng Sykes Idol contestants, kasama mo sila jayem”. I think twiced at the moment but decided to give in since I haven’t tried to shoot for months now.

So now, here I am waiting at the Image Nation Photography Studio for someone to arrive. (Call time is 9:00 but no one is there yet? I arrived 5 minutes before time which is already late for me) Guess what time the shoot started? 11:00am. Well, it’s ok. Im used to that. 🙂

Contestants are a little bit shy at first. It’s understandable since they rarely have their shots taken at the studio. But when the strobes start firing and they’re getting the tempo, oh boy, they are few steps higher on being a professional model.

Here are the list of contestants for the Sykes Idol Competition. (only 10 were there in the studio, the other two are based in cebu).

Robinsons Summit SITE

Mary Ann Chua – MCI
Andrelou Solmirano – MCI
Gino Alcoba – AMPF

Burgundy Site

Hazel Ann Velasco – COF
Jeffrey Chavez – MCI BCT
Maylanie Buen – Buehler

One San Miguel Ave Site

JJ Jareño – Emerson
Shermagne Cruz – BPPM
Judah Bañez – HR

Kpointe Site

John Patrick Elli – QWEST
Carmela Hidalgo – AT &T
Josephine Nerillo – Transunion

Sunnymede Site

Clare Gamboa – Kodak
Ma. Joana Rose Carpio – People.Net
Haydee Blanco – People.Net

Here are some of my favorite shots from the contestants. 🙂

(Maricar De Mesa look-alike)

(Sarah Geronimo look-alike)

(hehe kakatuwa to… Carmela, my team mate)

Up Next….

Sykes Idol Finals Night


~ by Administrator on November 12, 2007.

6 Responses to “Sykes Idol Photoshoot”

  1. hi, ask ko lng, clare gamboa ba nkapasok sa parang 2nd level ng audition?

  2. hi jack. sorry don’t have any idea.

  3. this is may ann chua one of the idol finalists. can u send me my other sykes idol pictures pls?. i would really appreciate it!:)

  4. hey mai!!! ano na nangyare sayo?? =)

    btw maxi, its funny i just saw this site now! you know how? my friend some people saying i look like maricar de mesa.. eh she doesnt know maricar.. so i told her cge hanap ako pics niya.. so i googled.. and saw one of my pictures there sa results at eto nga! hahahaha!!!!

  5. mai !! … seksi mu pa d2 .. wahaha :)) love it

  6. maxi.. post ko tong link sa fb ha.. =)

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