FPPF’s 20th Anniversary

October 27, 2007

On my way to Fort Santiago coming from a Friday Shift (that day was a saturday), I just kept thinking of my itinerary for the day. I will be having a shoot @ Fort Santiago in the afternoon, an event shoot at the evening and parteee! at night in Warehouse 135. It made me hungry so i just stopped by @ chowking in front of Manila Cathedral, grab a cup of joe and a hearty breakfast. After that, just went inside Fort S. just to see lots of photographers (actually, legend photographers) when I say legend, those are the “old” ones roaming around the vicinity. What can I say? This is the 20th Anniversary of FPPF (Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation) and all attendees have been part of it’s success (including me ^_^). So still wondering why lot of “legend” photographers? Anyway, it’s a whole day event but I plan to leave after lunch. I need to rest for God’s sake. I just came from my shift!

Well, I just found myself shooting along with the photographers. All of us are scattered within the vicinity along with the subjects. And these subjects are….. the models of course!

Do you think I attended the event just to shoot the models?

No. I attended the event so that I can reunite with my batchmates during FPPF seminars.. C’mon believe me.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see one. Good thing though, I saw PiPHO members and we had great talk and great photo shooting.

Anyway, here some samples from the shoot

I told you I just want to reunite with my batchmates.





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