Haloween @ the Warehouse!

October 27, 2007 

After shooting two tiresome events, I still have one event. Or should I rather say, “gathering”. Me and my EON buds will have a Halloween gathering at the Warehouse 135 located in the heart of Makati City. (thanks to our friend Abe for letting us in for FREE!)

I came @ past 10. Saw some party people hitting it hard on the dance floor (too early huh!?). I must admit that this is only my 3rd time (I think) to be in a club/disco. Don’t ask me where’s the 1st and the 2nd. I can’t remember.

Didn’t drink nor shoot (i forgot my damn memory card!) just mingle with my friends and watching zombies dance. (yeah, people dressed up like zombies). There is also an event in which all of the attendees will be dancing the “thriller” by Michael Jackson.

I decided to go home 10 minutes after 1pm. I’m dead tired and sleepy…

You can check the warehouse website @ http://www.warehouse135.com/

piCS, piCS!

maraming salamat kay master Ace a.k.a Brando para sa litratong ito kahit na kami ni Ninay ay epal lamang. 😉



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