Ms. Earth 2007

November 11, 2007

My friend who is working in a large broadcasting network pm’d me in MSN. He told me if I’m available to join him to shoot for Ms. Earth 07 which will be held in UP theatre. Of course, I will also be given a backstage pass he said. Without blinking an eye, I immediately replied yes!!! of course! I’ve been waiting for these moment since one of my goal is to shoot an international contest live.

There came Saturday, event will start @ 9pm. But need to be around 6pm since It’s a delayed telecast and live show will run earlier than the scheduled time of broadcast. Arrived @ the UP grounds around 7pm and meet up with my friend. I easily spotted their location since I can see the station’s big caravan with satellite dish in it. We entered the backstage and… there you go. Look how busy the staff is. It’s like entering a restaurant full of customers and busy waiters.

We hurried up into the front seats to get a good vantage point. The contestants were still rehearsing on stage when we came (So gorgeous). Since there are no VIP’s yet on the front seat we stayed there for 30 minutes. One by one, seats are filling up with VIP’s and  ambassadors and we are running out of space. The last thing we knew is that we end up standing while waiting for the program to start. All front seats are filled with VIP’s and some people from different country (Some of them request to have their picture taken from me).

Well, since i’ve been itching to shoot the Ms. Earth beauties, I asked my friend to go back to the backstage, we’ll never know what’s happening there unless we get into it…

Alas! The girls are already preparing, the show is about to start in less than 10 minutes and one by one, they came our from the dress room. We somehow blocked their so we took the opportunity and start calling them to pose for some shots. The girls are just automatic, they just pose when they see digital cameras. We didn’t even bother calling them knowing that. After a handful of shots, show is about to start so we hastily go back to the front stage and get a spot.

(Ms. Tibet and Ms. Brazil posing at the backstage)

(Ms. Earth and Water 2007)

(Famous Hairstylist: Ricky Reyes and a his friend) 

Show started with the opening presentation of the girls till the swimsuit competition, down to final 16, final 8, evening gown, cultural gown and final 4 (not sure about sequence of events). We are forced to leave on our position during the final four interview and presentation to make sure that we will not block the video cameras.

(MTV VJ Ut of Thailand and Brazilian beauty (i forgot the name) current gf of John Estrada)

(Ms. India and Ms. Venezuela)

(Ms. Canada and Ms. Spain)

(Ms. Thailand and our very own, Ms. Philippines)

As for the announcement of the winner which is Ms. Canada, photographers from the crowd gathered in front of the stage to take some pictures. I guess they were press and media men. Too bad they don’t have a pass. I blend in with the photographers to have some shots with the beauties (and a souvenir shot too!) I realized that I have a backstage pass so one thing that i have in mind is to go backstage to get to the stage and meddle with the beauties. My friend already left since it is already past 12 by that time.

I’ve got several pictures and souvenir shots from the beauties. They even asked to have their picture taken with their families (Why should I say no?!) hehe. I was actually planning on coming with them for the celebration but my batteries are out including my memory cards.

(ohh… and where am i looking at?)

Anyway, I still enjoyed the night witnessing Ms. Earth live, chatting with the contestants and having souvenir pictures with them. Thanks Alvin for the opportunity. Hoping for a repeat! 🙂

[Ms. Earth 2007 Winners]

Major Awards:

Ms. Earth 2007 Jessica Trisko (Ms. Canada)
Ms. Air – Pooja Chitgopeker (Ms. India)
Ms. Water – Silvana Santaella Arellano (Ms. Venezuela)
Ms. Fire – Angela Gomez (Ms. Spain)

Special Awardees:

Beauty for a Cause: SOUTH AFRICA Bokang Montjane
Miss Friendship: LEBANON Amale Al Khoder
Best in Talent: LITHUANIA Monika Baliunaite
Miss Photogenic: PHILIPPINES Jeanne Harn
Best in National Costume: THAILAND Jiraporn Sing-ieam
Best in Long Gown: VENEZUELA Silvana Santaella Arellano
Best in Swimsuit: VENEZUELA Silvana Santaella Arellano



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