Sykes Year End Party 07

 December 15, 2007

Every employee in our company keep their hopes up whenever holiday season is approaching. They are all excited on the “Year-end Party”, which happens to be the grandest among the events in Sykes. This time we are having a “Las Vegas Theme”. All employees are required (but not compulsary) to wear Las vegas outfits (are we seeing bunny suits hear?)

One awaited part of the show are the raffle prizes. Last time a brand new Toyota Vios has been given away. This time, it’s a nifty 1 million bucks. Good luck.

Of course, I am also eager to know what band will be performing. This would make a huge impact throughout the evening. Please no Kamikazee and Parokya ni Edgar they have been guests on more than 2 events already. I want to see something new (I meant for a popular band that I haven’t seen it performed)

Well, as for the teasers, it will be Bamboo! Oh yeah, cool! Haven’t seen them performed. I heard that they have a pricey talent fee but performance is great. Also new in town are the Kitty Girls, somehow a little bit of Spice Girls but who the heck cares, they are all pretty.

How about the food? Someone said it’s from Mandarin Hotel… I don’t care. As long as it satisfy my apetite. I’m there to enjoy and shoot!

Venue for this year is in SMX (Thank you MOA, you are making things easier for me)

Arrive at the venue at around 7:30. Great, too many people already. First thing came to my mind is to eat. I didn’t ate lunch so I grab some japanese and italian foods nearby and started munching. I overheard someone said the Bamboo will be the first performance in stage for the evening. Great, I’m still eating. I need time to prepare and position myself on the stage. As I about to move myself, the emcee is already introducing the band. Now that sucks, I’m pretty far on stage and still eating my dinner. Thinking of time wasted, I ate fast and look some good spot on the frontstage. Sadly, all angles are blocked. I can’t take good pictures with that. Suddenly, I thought that It might be better shooting some interesting subjects on the backstage. I’m not wrong. Lots of performers are preparing there. Took some shots and decided to go back on fronstage. Bamboo’s performance was awesome. And they did sang all their music from their albums. Because of that, I had time to make my way into the crowd and stand into a chair to get a good glimpse.

Now there. After Bamboo, program continued and I still keep shooting. Waited for the Kitty Girls to show up and the Models from ala Deal or no Deal game. Some of the models were my friends! Too bad I didn’t won any major prizes (kahit minor prize nga wala e). But somehow I did enjoy the experience. Don’t want to get more in-detailed as it may get boring 🙂 After shooting at the stage, I tried to find my colleagues and stayed with them until closing of the venue..

Dead tired.. again..

 Pics Pics!

Bamboo live!!

the Big Boss..


Deal or no Deal models..

Asia… oh Asia… and Luis Manzano

For more pics from these events, feel free to visit my Multiply Gallery


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