Cebu Adventure Day 1: Getaway

January 18, 2008 

I’ve been excited about this since we’ve booked our flight two months ago from Cebu Pacific. I thought of things that we should do, researched where to go and find some ways how to shoot the “Sinulog Festival”.

Me and my GF arrived at the airport 45 mins before our sched flight @ 5:45pm. It will be our first time for a domestic travel and my first time at the domestic terminal (i’ve been to NAIA before). This will also be my GF’s first airline travel.

Welcome aboard! 😀

We board the airplane and left at the exact time of our departure sched. (thank goodness, my friend keeps on telling me that Cebu Pacific always had delayed flights) Taking off is still a different experience for me. I just can’t explain the feeling. Well, even when where steady up there, I can’t keep my eyes on the window enjoying the scene from below (If only I am nearer on the window, I would take pictures to no end!)

We arrived at around 7pm. Hello Cebu! But it seems like it rained coz we noticed that the roads are wet while making our way to Mactan Intl Airport.

Welcome to the “Land of Danggit and Dried Mangoes”. hehehe

After checking out at the airport, we waited for taxi for almost an hour. Suddenly, taxis came in batches. Natives told us that traffic is already heavy in Cebu. So it’s like we waited for eternity and left in a second. Anyways, we need to check out first the condo unit of my gf’s Aunt since they haven’t seen that for ages. We drove around Mactan Island for about 45 mins to an hour to check that condo and after seeing the unit and taking of some pictures, we travelled all the way back and into Cebu City.

Cebu is like a manila replica. We drove to streets in resemblance to Roxas Blvd, Pier area, Recto and Malate. We arrived at the Pacific Pensionne House at around 10. I reserved a room here two months ago since all pension houses and hotels will be fully booked on this day.

After unpacking our things and washing ourselves my gf was decides to sleep when I requested her to have a walk first on the streets. Something like street exploring @ night. I finally got her to agree and we walked our way up to Fuenta Osmeña circle (pretty much like Bonifacio Monument Circle in Caloocan). We ate at Chowking and buy some groceries @ the drugstore nearby.

Natives spoke “bisaya” or “cebuano” to us. Good thing I have a Visayan heritage and I was able to understand some of their words. My gf was being asked by a native and all she can say is “ano po iyon? tagalog po.” hehe

We ride a jeepney on our way back. By the way, Jeepney fare is P6.00!

At the pensionne house, we are both dead tired…


Up Next: Cebu Adventure Day 2: Festival Queen


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