Cebu Adventure Day 2: Festival Queen

Oh it’s already 7am! We are awaken by a call from 2 of our friends that will come over and share the pension with us. They are at the airport and will be here after 25 min.

Still sleepy…. want to sleep.

Suddenly, we heard a knock and here they come! Now you can call us “Party of 4”.

“Party of 4”

Vanessa and Anna are both sleepy from their flight and Vane decided to sleep first. Anna, Me and Mich had some breakfast somewhere in fuenta circle. As we came back, I received a text from FPC peeps that they will be having a lunch at CNT lechon near SM manila. They also informed me that they were not able to get some passes for the sinulog parade (meaning that I will not be able to shoot at the middle of the street! ~sigh)

I tried my luck and visit the Cebu City sports complex center where the Sinulog office is located. But unfortunately, they told me that tickets are already sold out since yesterday. I’ve got no choice but to accept that fact. Called one FPC colleague and informed the situation. They told me to join them in groups so I won’t be noticed without pass. ok so that’s settled.

After going back to the pension house and took a bath, I asked them (friends) that i’ll be gone for a while. Will be going to CNT Lechon to have a taste of their famous lechon! Took a jeep and it drove into the streets of Colon (which is the oldest street in cebu) and it went right across SM. Joined my FPC colleagues and I finished their leftover lechon (hehehe that’s for free). After the meet-up, it’s time to go home. It rained hard and unfortunately I have no umbrella. I was soaking wet when I rode the jeepney. When I got home, I immediately took a bath and they are already prepared. They want to go to SM cebu… Ok, let’s get it on!

Still, it was raining hard. But eventually we arrived safe and sound. On the entrance, there was a souvenir shop and I bought a sinulog shirt. We head to the ground floor and saw some cebu delicacies for sale. Some are cheap and some are at reasonable prices. Bought their bibingka for PHP55.00 and that’s 3 bibingkas! yum yum! Also bought some dried mangoes and otap for pasalubongs.

After a short shopping we headed home via taxi and I asked them if they want to watch the Festival Queen Pageant. It will be held @ the Cebu City Sport Complex which is just few km away from the pension


We arrived @ the Sports Complex at around 7:30pm. There are already lots of people roaming around. Lots of spectators and audience supporting their respective candidates. Photographers are already positioned in the “photographer’s area” armed with their zoom lenses (great, I only have my 50mm and a borrowed manual 35-70 lens)

The contest is not about beauty and it’s not about intelligence. It’s all about their movements and how they dance with the Sto. Niño. I enjoy watching the rather than shooting since this is the first time to see such event and besides, I can’t get near in the front stage. Some “pasaway” photographers are already there.

My favorite contestant won!

After the event, I invited them to have a dinner @ Larsian Fuente. My friend told me that food is cheap there.

So then we arrived at Larsian. Too much smoke from the BBQ grills. The place is like food court but all of the stalls are selling bbq and they have their own grill. So you’ll expect a fog of smoke and be prepared to smell like bbq. haha.

Well, we don’t care about that. We pick our menu and waited for orders. They also gave us one bowl of “puso”. Rice steamed and packaged using banana leaves. And take note that’s PHP2.00 for you. Also, they don’t have spoon and fork in this area. “Kamayan”, is what they do here. You eat with your hands. But since we don’t know that we asked for plastics.

Full! We spent PHP188.00 for 4 persons. Oh yeah!

After dinner we ride jeepney back at the pension..

Whew end of Day 2.

Up Next: Cebu Adventure Day 3: VIVA PIT SEñOR!


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