Pinoy Big Brother: The Big Night

January 5, 2008

My first event shoot for the year 2008. And oh boy, got so lucky when my friend in ABS texted me and told me that he got our VIP passes. Another photoexperience for me. Met with Karlo, EON Friend and both of us arrive at the venu around 5:30pm.

5 of us will be shooting the event. We had some quick dinner at Inasal and make our way to the backstage (where all artist are roaming around). Upon entering the venue, I already saw some celebrities and of couse my itchy hands can’t hold me from shooting. I felt an instinct to approach them and have a shot. We are there to shoot and cover the event so why shouldn’t we maximize our purpose right? To add it up pictures from our cam will be used for the upcoming issue in The Buzz and Star Studio (pressure!)

Ok. I saw Kim.. it’s Kim Chiu!!! souvenir please.. hehe

I find it hard to shoot Direk Laurenti Dyogi since he is so busy and he has an attitude of putting his hands in front of our lens so that we can’t focus properly. Wise!

Other stars like Baron, Olyn, Matt, Jon are picture friendly and ready to pose whenever asked to.

Mariel, Toni and Bianca have heavy securities around them most especially Toni, you could only get one or two good shots on her with all the bouncers blocking away our view.

Tres Marias

Now let’s go to the stage,

I felt good when I entered the arena from the backstage. There are lots of people (mostly Gaby fans) and they are very eager to see their respective idols. I stand on the front besides the video crew and some personalities of ABS. I was also standing beside Direk Dyogi too! He was just watching the crew there do their job while they are preparing to be on-live.

Now they’re live..

Shoot here, Shoot there. After the performance there came a commercial break. Mariel found a safe place on the seat beside me. Good thing my friend had a polaroid cam. We had a picture and have it signed. woohoo!

I thought that we will be just shooting the entire event. But we are asked by the floor director that we will be given an acting stint. We will act as paparazzi for the upcoming Big 4. They will be arriving in a limo, being guided blinfolded to the seperate confession room.

Ok go!

After the sixth commercial, we positioned ourselves at the entance where the limo will enter. A few minutes I heard a siren and I am thinking that we are already live on that time. As for the director’s instructions we will be facing the cameraman first before the turning our cam’s to the limo. One by one, Will, Gaby, Riza and Ruben left the limo and was directed to the confession room.

After that stint, I suddenly received a lot of messages from friends saying that they saw me live on TV. My goodness! They even told me that I was focused on the camera for a long time. Even my cousins at home saw me.


Anyway, I still continued shooting until the event was through. Ruben is the Grand Winner (as expected)
But we still have a final task to accomplish. We need to have some shots of the big 4!

 Ruben’s Winning Moment

But after the event, they are nowhere to be found. We later found out that they are in the VIP room with direk. I think they are having post discussion about the season and discussing about future plans.

Around 2am, they left the room with lots of bodyguards. I had trouble taking some pictures on them. (Bad luck).

After they take the van and sped off, we considered it a day. It was very tiring but I did enjoyed the night.

I just need some sleep…

need to sleep…

For more picture from the event, you can visit my Flickr Gallery and Multiply Gallery


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