Cebu Adventure Day 3: VIVA PIT SEñOR!

Woke up @ around 8:30. Just tired from yesterday. But I shouldn’t be coz this is the day that i’ve been awaiting for.

Dressed up, took vitamins and prepared my gears.

Open up the television and we can see the dancers we’re already prepared to roam the streets. We hurriedly went down and told them that I will be splitting up. I need to join the other photogs and blend with them since I wasn’ able to get a pass.

I did made some few stops and took some pics along the way. Their dresses are so colorful! I really love to shoot colors. My only problem is the lens that i’m using. I only have 50mm which is only suitable for portraits and one manual 35-70 lens. But I guess I coped up with that.

I was able to position myself in the middle of the streets even without the ID so I just shoot, shoot and shoot.

I stopped and stationed myself in the circle since the area is so wide and I can move back and forth with my prime lens.

I was so happy with the results since the LCD of Nikon cameras produce wonderful colors!

Here are some of my shots.

i looove the colors!

It was 11:00 when the parade stopped for a while. I heard that it’s lunch time so I find some convenience store and had lunch. After a few minutes, I came back on the streets and shoot some dancers and performers. I can also see some actors from ABS CBN and GMA 7 in their majestic floats.

Bad News!

Raindrops keep falling down my head… One sunny afternoon suddenly turned into a not-so-good weather. But fortunately enough, it’s just raindrops, I can still shoot. I just need to improvise a sealant for my camera.

one FPC colleague texted to meet them at Yellow Cab. Ok, I walk straight to the parade then found them preapared all sealed for the rain. Borrowed some plastics to cover up my camera (mabasa na ako wag lang ang camera. hehe)

After the meet-up, shooting time again! I didn’t realized that I’ve already reached 1000+ shutter count on my camera. (remember I just bought it 3 days ago).

Around 5:30pm. Yes 5:30. I started shooting from 9:00am and decided to call it a day @ 5:30, I walked from the circle to the pension. I want to rest. Pretty tired… again.

Arriving at our room, I saw them eating and resting. Damn, I’m so hungry, I immediately grab a pizza and eat to my hearts content. They told me that they wanna see the fireworks in Ayala Cebu and I said “What!? Do you know how far is that from here?” I showed the map and they just said, “Ah malayo nga”.

They still wanna go, it was raining still.. I have no choice but to join them. Imagine we have to walk that far since there is no transpo available on that time? That’s 20 minutes far from our location. Not just 20 minutes walk but 20 minutes jeepney ride.

Ok. so much for my mumbling and grumbling. We arrived @ Ayala in 45 minutes after braving the rain and wet roads.

Fireworks… pretty good but did not meet my expectations. Ever since I saw the fireworks show from World Pyro Olympics, I just craved for quality and majestic presentation. After that, we went inside Ayala and look for a foodstall. We can’t find any since it’s almost closing. Good thing Max’s is stil open (Thank God)

We had some trouble finding transpo on our way home. We’re able to ride a jeepney but still need to walk few kms to the pension.

Got home. No water…. great. Called the frontdesk and after a not-so-good confrontation, water came back. Washed ourselves and talked about our itinerary for tom. They’ve decided to go to Mactan Island for swimming. I want to go to “Kawasan Falls” for nature tripping. Of course, 3-1 so. Mactan Island here we go again!

Sleep… sleeep… sleeeeeep.

More of my photos here in Multiply and Flickr gallery.
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~ by Administrator on February 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Cebu Adventure Day 3: VIVA PIT SEñOR!”

  1. me too i love the colors!!! galing maxi! aydol! 🙂

  2. hahaha. thanks leigh. nangangapa pa din 🙂

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