Cebu Adventure Day 5: I Shall Return

Alarm sounded. It’s 2am. ohh, still sleepy. I wish our flight was later on that morning. It’s just too early.

Anyway, we had all of our things packed up and we just need to take a bath or wear our last neat and clean clothes.

Taxi was not a problem since when we checked out from the pension house, lots of taxis are parked near it.

The ride up to the airport is as smooth as driving in NLEX.

Got to Mactan International Airport @ around 4. Still enough time to check-in our baggages and to have some snacks.

Then off we go to our plane. Took off. And we had a smooth flight all the way to Manila (kudos to the pilot).

*definitely bored and sleepy..

We got home @ around 6:30-7:00 am. I’m already sleepy but I just need to unpack my things and pasalubongs. Just I was about to sleep, I had a second thought of checking on my Sinulog pics. Yay! haven’t seen them yet on the big screen. So turned on my PC and did a scan on my shots. I am somewhat satisfied on the results so I did some post processing on my shots.

Time passed by and I realized it is already 4:00pm. So I only have 3 hours to sleep before going to work. Good Luck!

My first Cebu experience was definitely worth it. If I have given the time and money, I’ll be here next year again for the Sinulog Festival. Who knows? I might also be in Bohol on that time 😀


~ by Administrator on February 12, 2008.

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