Saturday Madness Part 2: UP Fair’s Last Day Concert

After an afternoon shoot, here I am preparing to immerse my shutter for a concert shoot. Can’t wait to shoot the bands. I’m also interested in concert photography. Here’s another chance for me to get it right. Besides, some of my fave bands will perform on that evening. Rock on!

UP is kinda big and If you’re that dumb, you’ll get lost. Fortunately, I’ve been here a couple of times so finding the venue is not that hard for me. The problem is where to find the entrance of the gate. Lots of people are roaming around. If you’re not that patient then you’ll just leave the place for good.

Met with my friends. One of them is associated with an organization so we are able to get inside for free and with all-acces pass(I’m getting used to this). For me all-access is power! I used it wisely so I advised to go backstage and take pictures of band members flocking there. Lucky me, since most of the bands are already there. Tuesday and her band. Sandwich, Up Dharma Down, ChicoSci, SugarFree. Our shutter just keep on working.

This is also the first time when I was able to shoot at the stage. I mean on the actual stage. Not in the front not on the side but on the ACTUAL stage. You can feel the intensity especially when Slapshock did their thing. You can see the crowd get wild. Mosh pits have been created resulting to audience having fights. Whew! what a pleasant view.

Unfortunately, I have to leave early co’z I’m my body is about to give up. The show will approximately end around 6 or 7 in the morning so I can’t stand that long. I decided to go home along with my EON buds.

Again, Dead tired. zzzzZZZZZ

Here are some of my takes from the event 😀

Mores photos in my Multiply Gallery and Flickr Gallery.


~ by Administrator on March 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Saturday Madness Part 2: UP Fair’s Last Day Concert”

  1. nice shots

  2. thanks jay

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