I almost forgot….

Yikes! I almost forgot that I had a blog. Dang. I should reorganize myself or i’ll keep forgetting things that I should not.

So what’s up with me?

Let’s start on the PRESENT

* oh I’m a year older. 🙂
* im enrolled in MAPUA for a CISCO certification which means I will most likely cancel my shoots every Saturday
* just had an event shoot for Ms. Real Estate Agent ’08.
* i missed the Bench Blackout Fashion Show. 😦
* still watching One Piece episodes everyday (it’s been going for 3 months)
* The Dark Knight is one the interesting movies that I have seen in the last 2 years.
* had a model shoot with the Nikonians.
* my sis just passed the PRC Nursing Exams. yey!

how about the PAST?

I’ve done some model shoots in the past. You can check my multiply account for…

Model shoots of Mary Joyce, Arriane, Darlene & Thess, Sarah, Olivia, Ann and Dianne

What about the events that I’ve worked or shoot in?

Check out my pics on some certain events

Fashion Shows:

US Girls Fashion Show
Summer Nights Bikini Fashion Show

Hot Summer Nights Fashion Show
Philippine Fashion Week ’08

Car Shows/Trade Shows/Other Events:

Manila Auto Show
Transport Show 2008

MAXIM Hot 100 Party ’08
Mangaholix 2008

Philippine Toy Convention 2008


Aliwan Festival 2008


Ms. Philippines-Earth 2008

Good thing I was able to process the photos and currently I only have a couple of backlogs on my “Temp” folder.

So what’s up for the next months?

hmmm… (checking calendar)

* I’ll be the main photog in my colleagues wedding shoot in 8-8-08
* Already booked in for a flight in Davao this Aug 23 for the Kadayawan Festival
* My mom will com home this August and we have plans on going to HK. (actually I asked If we could go to palawan instead. I’ll just be miserable in HK with all the cameras on sale there)
* Looking forward on more event shoots this Aug for a popular swimwear brand.

That’s it for now.

*sigh, I should check my blog more often


~ by Administrator on July 31, 2008.

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