Julie & Jerry Prenup

Julie, one of my colleagues will be trying the knot on 08-08-08 with his lovely husband Jerry. Last March, Julie asked me If I can shoot her wedding. I gladly accepted the offer the same as her request to shoot her a prenup.

The place was in La Mesa Eco Park. We are blessed with a sunny weather that day. The only drawback is the place is hot and humid. Good things we found a shelter from the trees which stood high from the grounds. We did several takes. They are fun to shoot with and they have lots of ideas. They are the couple that every photographers want to shoot.  You can see some of their pics in my Multiply which I will be posting at the end of my blog.

The shoot lasted for aroung 4 or 5 hours (i think). It was exhausting but at the same time, rewarding for all of us. I’m glad they like my shots.

Aren’t they cute?

Will be looking forward to shoot their wedding day. (That will be four days from now)


More pics this lovely couple in my Multiply page.

Please also visit my Flickr page.


~ by Administrator on August 4, 2008.

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