US Girls @ Trinoma

I was informed by my colleague in the office that there will be a fashion show in Trinoma presented by US Girls. During that time, I was like desperate to shoot. I feel like I’m losing my artistic side. (!)

The show started around 7pm and I came there as early as 6:00. Damn “filipino time”. I woke up early and travel all the way from south to north then this is what I get. Anyways, another problem I’ve encountered that my colleague did not mentioned that it is a cocktail event. Only invitied guest are allowed. The shooter in my tried to find ways to get in or to get past the security guard who happens to be from ABS (familiar). Learning that the show is from studio 23 which is from ABS, I texted my friend from ABS if by any chance he will drop by on the event. Lucky me since he’ll be dropping by at Trinoma to check on an outlet.

With him I was able to get in and guess what’s the first thing I did? EAT! haha Gatecrasher na Looter pa. After eating I immeadiately took shots of Angel Aquino, Iya Villania and Cheska Garcia. Then the rest of the models. The show didn’t even last 45 minutes. It was short but all thanks to my friend for letting me in on the event.

Here is the shots of our lovely US Girl Hosts:

For more shots from the event, please check my Multiply page.

Please also visit my Flickr page.


~ by Administrator on August 4, 2008.

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