Olivia: The Golden Girl of Jazz

May 18, 2008

Olivia: The Golder Girl of Jazz

I received an invite from a photographer friend to accompany him for a shoot to the “Golden Girl of Jazz”, Olivia. The shoot was in Q.C specifically “The Heirloom Manila” as it was called by the owner of the house. The house was antique-built. When I came there, I feel like I’m in Intramuros, Manila. The house was built by the father of the owner with perfect artistry and flawless intellect in architecture.

Shoot was done late afternoon. We just did a couple of sets with Olivia as I need to get home early evening. Even the shoot was a bit short, I did established a good friendship with my subject. I can say that she’s down to earth and very friendly. I can see a bright future in “Jazz” for her.

My photographer friend took over on shooting Olivia and I just did a couple of shots with my model friend Ann, who was also there.

Simple yet elegant. An improptu shoot resulting to a timeless classic image.

For more pictures of Olivia and Ann. Please visit my gallery in Multiply and Flickr.


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One Response to “Olivia: The Golden Girl of Jazz”

  1. Hi! What is the exact location of The Heirloom Manila? I am dying to have my pre-nup pictorial there. The place is perfect for my vintage wedding theme. Thanks. =)

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