Maxim Hot 100 Party

Maxim celebrated it’s Hot 100 Party last May 29 of 2008 and that time it was held in A-venue events hall in Makati Ave, Makati.

Got lucky that my friend from ABS, Alvin included me in the guest list but unfortunately, he ran out of passes so I spent shooting aroung the area. The sidelines are alreary crowded by hot blooded males waiting for the show to start.

I did enjoy shooting along the sidelines. Chatting with some model friends and watching those guys play the roulette game (each of options have an exciting prize).

Of course, the show would not be complete without Angel Locsin’s appearance. Unfortunately (again!), I was not able to take a shot of her since all of those males overcrowded the sidelines and most of them have their own technological device to capture the moment.

Anyway… here are some of my side shots from the event.

Security is tight…

Better behave or else…

Who says Angel is the only pretty gal out there?

For more pics of this event. Please visit my Multiply and Flickr Gallery.


~ by Administrator on September 22, 2008.

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