Mangaholix and Toycon 2008

Mangaholix was held last May of 2008 in SMX, Mall of Asia while Toycon was held the next month in Megatrade Center.

One thing is very much in common for these two events


The only difference is Mangaholix mainly focuses on anime whil Toycon is for toy collectors, hobbyist etc.

Some shots from Managholix.

Would you buy a poster if she’ll be the one to sign it?

Did an anime effect on this pic. šŸ˜€

Some shots from Toycon

Whew, i should have been collecting these items. šŸ˜€

“Welcome to the dark side.”

These are my favorite events of the year so feel free to check my pics on my Multiply and Flickr Gallery.


~ by Administrator on October 2, 2008.

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  1. I’ll say to you this – this is probably precise thing

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