My First Wedding Shoot

March 2008

My friend in the office wanted me to take their pictures on their wedding day. I was caught off guard when they told me that I will be capturing their once-in-a-life time moment in a few days. To top it all, this would be my first wedding shoot ever and my first to be the main photog. First wedding and main photog? Good luck to me.

Then it came. Saturday the day of the wedding. I ready all of my equips for shoot. I even bought a new monopod for this shoot. I arrived on my friends house early in the morning from work. They live in Valenzuela and we work in QC 🙂

Took some shots of what I did know was worth capturing. I never had any experience in wedding so I relied on my instinct and some few photographs that I browsed on top photographers website.

After the preperation. We headed to the church located in QC. It’s somewhere near Ateneo and unfortunately, I forgot that church’s name (poor me)

I met with my fellow photo Manny and Larry. Briefed them on what they should shoot and our position during the wedding.

The wedding went smoothly. Some bloopers but it’s ok. (The couples did a little practice on it anyway). After the tiring shoot, We then proceed to the reception.

The first thing that went in my mind is to eat. I’m so hungry at that moment and I’ve been shooting since 6:00am! It is already 3:00pm. Good thing we were allowed to eat before the program starts. (We should since there’s nothing to shoot and it’s a no-no shooting people while eating).

After the heartwarming reception, I bid a kiss goodbye to the bride and a handshake to the groom as I’ve said to myself. Mission Accomplished!

More pics will be posted in my Multiply and Flicker Gallery.


~ by Administrator on November 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “My First Wedding Shoot”

  1. Good job capturing the day. The first one can be so completely overwhelming and stressful. Very nice shot of the couple above.

  2. thanks for the comment walston

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