Sykes Summer Outing 2008

It’s my 3rd year in Sykes and this would be the 3rd time for me to join the annual outing. Just like last year, It was held in Subic Bay (again?!) Hmmm… nothing new since we stayed in the same hotel and almost the same room that we had before. The party was in Marina Bay. Somehow I enjoyed it. If it didn’t rain that time I would surely enjoy it.

They had a competition. Sykes Beach Body. In which we are required to shoot. It was pretty tough that night as we tried to take a couple of shots while shielding our camera from rainshowers. I was relieved when I checked out that I have some few good shots.

After the program was the performance of Brownman Revival. Reggae party all night long! But the night was still early when I decided to go back at the hotel and rest.

Hopefully next summer outing we would be in a different place. Somewhat different than the past 2 years.

Sykes Beach Body 2008 Competition Winners

(June 21-22, 2008)

For more shots from the event, feel free to visit my multiply site.


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